Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Beth Phoenix = She-Hulk?

I think we can agree that Beth looks like she could Hulk-smash just about anyone, but is she comparable to the comic book amazon She-Hulk? Maria thinks so, comparing both of her WrestleMania 24 opponents to superheroes in an interview with

..I think all the WWE Divas are examples of super heroes, it’s not just me. Look at Beth Phoenix, the Glamazon. Beth is as strong as the She-Hulk; she’s tough as hell. There’s also Melina, who’s like Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff). Melina’s beautiful and sexy, but you can tell by looking at her it’s wise not to mess with her. She also does these splits before entering the ring so that reminds me of Natasha’s gymnastic skills. (Click here for the full interview.)

I can buy Melina as a deadly super-spy, but honestly – I think we all know that she was born to be She-Hulk. Edward Norton would be proud.

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