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Bianca Belair on Black History Month

NXT is full of superstars in the women’s division that are primed to break out but none are as fiery and somewhat of a prodigy as Bianca Belair.

Every February in America we celebrate Black History month and WWE.com sat down with Bianca to talk about how her family helped break ground in the African American community.

On her family background: “My great-grandfather, Edward N. Toole, was the first licensed African American electrician in Durham, N.C.; he was still a licensed and practicing electrician in 1993 at the age of 95. His father was also the son of the governor of South Carolina.

My grandfather is Edward G. High, and he had a career in biochemistry and nutrition after receiving a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, master’s degree in organic chemistry, and a doctoral degree in biological chemistry. He was a professor and chairman of biochemistry at Meharry Medical College, and he was the first black president of the Alumni Association Board at Indiana University. He was also the leader in the establishment of the Neal-Marshall Club, which was a group that was organized to encourage black alumni to participate in the Indiana University Alumni Association.

My aunt is Miranda Hunt, who was one of the first blacks to integrate St. Cecilia High School in Nashville, Tenn.

Last but not least, my mother’s godfather, Z. Alexander Looby, was a lawyer and civil rights activist in Nashville. He is credited for beginning the school desegregation movement in Nashville. He filed multiple lawsuits on behalf of students that had been denied admission to white schools after the Supreme Court ruled in the Brown v. Board of Education that segregation of public schools was unconstitutional. He also defended students that were arrested in the Nashville sit-ins so that integration could take place in public places. Sadly, because of his support for the students, his house was bombed and dynamited by segregationists. I actually saw the picture of the bombed house which was nearly destroyed. My parents and I were visiting the Birmingham Civil Rights Museum in Alabama, and I heard my mom say, “Oh my!” There was a picture of her godfather and his bombed house on the wall, and that’s when I learned about him and all of his contributions to the Civil Rights Movement.”

On how her history motivates her to compete: “My family history motivates me in my everyday life and career. Knowing that my family has so many achievements despite their struggles motivates me to contribute and carry on our legacy. They fought, they struggled, they achieved, which opened doors for me and created an environment where so much more is possible for me. I want to live up to our legacy, I want to contribute, I want to continue to make change. I want to motivate. I want to create my own history for my children and the future generations to celebrate, and I want to be the example to others that my family was to me.”

She also talks about being scouted by Mark Henry and more, check out the interview here.

What do you think about this interview? Are you ready for Bianca to break out? What do you want to see her do in NXT? Sound off in the comments below.

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