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Bianca Belair ends the chapter on Doudrop with a KOD; Liv Morgan delivers a Big Time message on RAW

Bianca Belair and Doudrop battled in a third match to what was being called the final chapter in their feud.

Prior to their match, Belair was being interviewed backstage and she confirmed that this third match would end just as the prior two had – with her hand raised in victory.

In the first bout between the two, Doudrop escaped the KOD and left the ring causing a count-out victory for The EST. Belair won last week in their second encounter from a 450 splash but it is the KOD that she has been trying to excute on her adversary.

Bianca Belair defeated Doudrop

After a solid match between the two which involved a spot on the outside that involved a spinebuster to Doudrop, Belair was eventually able to execute the KOD. The final moments of the match saw Belair thinking she had the match won with a hand spring moonsault but Doudrop kicked out. After a few strikes in the corner from Belair, Doudrop delivered a powerbomb but didn’t go for the cover.

Doudrop wanted to do more damage and pulled Belair to the corner to hit a drop but Belair moved out of the way. Belair then rushed to the corner and lifted Doudrop up and delivered the KOD to get the three count to close the chapter and the book.

In a Digital Exclusive, Belair says she is going to move on from Doudrop to new things. She is keeping her eye on the prize, so come Day 1 whether it is Becky Lynch or Liv Morgan who will be the RAW Women’s Champion, Belair is coming for the gold.

Speaking of the RAW Women’s Championship match for Day 1, Morgan has more fire than ever inside of her to become a first-time champion.

Over the weekend, Morgan went to Lynch and Seth Rollins’ gym in order to give some payback to Big Time Becks. Lynch injured the arm of Morgan last week with the steel steps and the challenger only felt it was right to return the favor. Only, Lynch figured that Morgan would show up as she dropped where she will be before leaving last week figuring that Morgan would take the bait.

Prior to Lynch making her way out to confront her challenger, Morgan stated that she will break the face of the champ and walk out of Day 1 as RAW Women’s Champion.

Lynch makes her way out to the ramp and says that Morgan’s luck will run out at Day 1 but she has to give her kudos for stepping up. She follows her sentiment by saying that it does get hot under the spotlight though and doesn’t think that Morgan can handle the heat. Morgan argues back that Becky can’t scare her. She can’t scare her out of the match because Morgan is going to start the year as champion.

Morgan tells Lynch to come join her in the ring by saying her spotlight feels pretty bright and she feels just fine. Lynch declines the offer because she says she is too smart to get into the ring with Morgan wielding a kendo stick like a maniac. Morgan confirmed the kendo stick wasn’t for herself but instead she brought it for Lynch as she throws it to the champ.

Lynch ends the segment saying that Morgan is lucky that she has a private jet to catch.

Rhea Ripley defeated Queen Zelina

A second match on RAW was a rematch between Rhea Ripley and one-half of the Women’s Tag Team Champions Queen Zelina. Last week, a distraction that was caused between both Carmella and Nikki A.S.H. distracted Ripley to lose a match in mere seconds. This week, Carmella and Nikki were banned from ringside.

Ripley would end up benefiting from a distraction free zone as she is back in the win column. After a running knee gave a near fall for Zelina, Ripley would bounce back with a Riptide to secure a victory.

Other women’s moments on RAW includes Maryse being the guest on The Cutting Edge. Last week she slapped her husband, The Miz, after he used her as a human shield to thwart a spear from Edge. From putting her in harmsway, Edge invited her to speak.

The segment turned into what Edge called a therapy session for Maryse who went on to trash talk her husband for a bit. She appreciated Edge for not following through with his attack last week once she was in harms way. As a mother, she was concerned that if something happened to her, who would take care of her kids.

Maryse asks Edge the question, would he have done this (what Miz did) to his wife Beth Phoenix. Edge didn’t buy Maryse’s act and knew this was all for The Miz to attack him. The Miz’s music would hit and he would indeed go after Edge from behind.

Maryse would get involved and slap Edge before The Miz hit a Skull Crushing Finale.

Lastly, the 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke battled Tamina in Christmas lights. Brooke and Reggie were visiting an indoor Christmas display when the normal suspects were lurking around for the 24/7 Title. Akira Tozawa dressed up as an elf and R-Truth as Santa Claus.

Reggie continues to have Dana’s back as he would take care of Tozawa and Truth as Tamina went after Brooke. They threw punches surronded by Christmas lights before Brooke was able to escape with Reggie. Tamina was fuming that Tozawa and Truth keep getting in her way of becoming a two-time 24/7 Champion.

Dana Brooke has held the title now for 28 days and counting.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for further news on the women of RAW.

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