Sunday, February 25, 2024

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Billie Kay launches her own YouTube channel

One half of The IIconics, Billie Kay, has launched her own YouTube channel and is urging fans to subscribe. The name of her channel is “J.McKay Does.” She has posted her first video letting everyone know what to expect and question those that haven’t subscribed yet. If you haven’t subscribed yet then -You Gotta Be Joking Me!

She declares in her first video that this channel will be one thing and one thing only and that is FUN! Fun, fun, fun!! She wants to make everyone smile and laugh. Perhaps some food content, pop culture, and even some special guests!!

Concerned about those who haven’t subscribed yet, she employs the help of her colleagues to get the word out. Check out the first video below as Kay and her cohorts have just one phrase to say to you. You Gotta Be Joking Me!

So what are you waiting for? I have subscribed already, have you?!

This has been a Diva Dirt Social Media Catch-Up.

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