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Blair Davenport attacks Meiko Satomura after unsuccessful NXT UK title challenge

NXT UK returned to action for the first time in 2022 with Blair Davenport stepping up to challenge Meiko Satomura for the NXT UK Women’s Championship.

Davenport tore through the NXT UK women’s division including the champion’s protegé Emilia McKenzie to get her title shot. Upon receiving her opportunity, Davenport declared she would be the one to take down the Final Boss.

Once in the ring, the two warriors wasted little time in stinging the other with stiff kicks and strikes. It was a strong back-and-forth contest with Davenport easily giving Satomura her toughest challenge to date.

The challenger had the champion on the ropes several times throughout the match with her vindictive offence. However, Satomura lived up to her moniker and proved to be the Final Boss taking out Davenport with her signature display of swift and powerful kicks.

The final sequence saw both competitors attempt their finishing moves and counter with breathtaking near falls. Satomura was able to retain her title with a reverse roll up much to the chagrin of Davenport.

Blair Davenport NXT UK
Blair Davenport in NXT UK

After the bell, Davenport blindsided the champ before laying her out with not one but three kamigoye knee strikes ensuring that this feud is far from over.

No doubt there will be fallout from the attack in the coming weeks so stay tuned to Diva Dirt for all of your news and updates from NXT UK.

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