Brandi Rhodes talks on Scarlett Bordeaux possibly in AEW


AEW is in full swing with their pay-per-view schedule and their TV deal starting this fall. Many eyes are on the building of their roster. Scarlett Bordeaux was released from her IMPACT Wrestling contract just last month. As a result, it is natural to think of where she could perform next and AEW is a viable option.

Brandi Rhodes faced Allie in a match this weekend at Flight for the Fallen and walked away with a win. In a post-event media discussion, Rhodes spoke about her partnering with Awesome Kong, winning her match, and Aja Kong‘s appearance.

She was asked by Wrestling Inc. if Scarlett Bordeaux’s name is on the table to join AEW now that she is a free agent.

“I like Scarlett, I think she’s a great competitor,” Rhodes responded. “I think it’s very important with our division—because a lot of our girls are newer, a lot of people maybe don’t have such name recognition. I mean, even with me, I’ve been in the business for a long time, but not as a wrestler. So, it’s very important that everybody gets their moments and their time so that people can get to know some of these girls.”

She continues, “Any sports industry you want to know the athletes, that’s part of why people come and watch the Jacksonville Jaguars because they know the players, they know their history, they know about their families. We want to be able to do that with the girls, so I don’t want so many girls that we can’t do that. If you don’t see a face, yet, it’s always just a ‘yet,’ that doesn’t mean that the doors are closed to anyone. It’s just a matter of making sure we build this division correctly and that everybody gets a fair shake at presenting themselves.”

Rhodes is planning to focus on the names she does have to build up the AEW’s women’s roster. She stresses that just because a name hasn’t been announced by the company just yet doesn’t mean they won’t be included in the future.

She recently made the announcement that the Women’s World Championship will be unveiled at their next pay-per-view event All Out.

Thank you to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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