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Bret Hart: Melina is the Best Wrestler in the World Right Now


Legendary Hall of Famer, Bret Hart has called one of the WWE Divas ‘the best wrestler in the world right now’. Sorry niece Natalya, he’s not talking about you — rather three time Women’s Champion and current Divas Champion, Melina. Speaking to Ministry of Slam, Hart says:

“I think there’s some great wrestlers in the WWE. I think Melina is, you know to me is really creative and imaginative, and she’s an innovator and she comes up with some great matches, I love watching her wrestle. In a lot of ways I think she’s the best wrestler in the world right now.”

You can listen to the audio by clicking here.

Bret has been very complimentary of the Divas in the past, including Melina, but his latest statement is just incredible. While it’s open for argument, bear in mind that it is Bret’s opinion, not that that will stop people bitching. Nonetheless, I can definitely see what he’s referring to — Melina, in my opinion, is the most exciting Diva to see wrestle. Her matches capture your attention and are creative and imaginative, as Bret says.

I can almost guarantee that word of Bret’s comments has reached Melina by now, so if you see her grinning ear-to-ear [moreso than usual] tonight on Raw, you’ll know why!

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