Monday, March 4, 2024

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Brie Hides in Plain Sight

Finally, SmackDown’s newest Diva Brie Bella has her own photoshoot! Entitled “Radiant Red”, it’s a bit different from regular shoots. For one, she’s wearing a full-length skirt, and I think those are so few and far between in the WWE, they might as well be extinct. I think it’s a little too “salsa dancer” for my taste, as are the shoes. The top, however, is cute. If it were longer and covered her stomach, I’d love it. Overall, it sort of looks like she’s wearing a costume – so many ruffles – but it’s impressive for her first go-round. I do have one question though – is it just Brie in this shoot, or is Nicole somwhere in there too? I’m too lazy to investigate, but I’m sure if one were to look close enough, they could tell. As a twin myself, I know that twins never look *exactly* alike, and the notion that they do kind of bugs me. Maybe that’s why I’m rooting for the “switcheroo” game to be over..

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