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BunnyMania’s Dumb & Dumber, But Who’s Better?

So from Candice and Maria teaming up, in the span of a week, we get Ashley and Maria teaming up this Sunday night at WrestleMania. Wow, whoever on WWE Creative thought that up should, quite frankly, be shot. Why is it every year, WWE pulls out all the stops with the Superstars to make ‘Mania the best show possible, but with the Divas quality goes right out the window?! Wouldn’t they want to put on a consistent, amazing show; show the world what WWE is all about? No, that would be too logical. To be honest, as long as they get their $55, they could care less about the quality of the show. Putting Ashley and Maria on the WrestleMania card, let alone in the same match – teaming up no less – is like Erin said last night on the site, not a car crash waiting to happen but a 25-car pile-up waiting to happen.

I’m sure we all have our opinions and are damning Vince and his merry band of mysgonists, but we want to ask you to take five seconds to take part in a poll! So, Ashley and Maria… but who’s better in the ring? In recent years, Ashley has had more exposure as a wrestler; she got to headline WrestleMania and even appeared in a match at WWE’s second biggest show, the Royal Rumble in 2006. However, as exposed as she is – she is also injury prone. Meanwhile, Maria hasn’t had the chance to shine as a wrestler, oft stuck behind her microphone. However, in the occasions she has wrestled, has done a sufficient job. Many would level both of these Divas, ring-wise as equals. But what do you think, who’s the better in-ring worker? Vote now!


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