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Candice, Don’t Let Torrie Hear You…

Torrie Wilson may have nothing nice to say about her former husband, Billy Kidman, but one of her best friends does. Candice Michelle has praised Billy Kidman, who is currently a trainer in WWE’s developmental territory, for working with her to get her ring-ready for her return. This blog just comes days after Torrie blasted Kidman in an audio interview, in which she said:

I have absolutely nothing nice to say about that individual. His views on morals are very different from mine.

In Candice’s blog today, she writes:

The day that the doctor released me to train, I let WWE know … and that day, not the next week or month, I had travel in place to train at FCW! I had the privilege of training at Steve Keirn’s school with amazing agents and talent! I owe a huge thanks to Billy Kidman, who came early for me, stayed late, and even came in on his day off because I wanted to get as much training in as I could!

Awkward. I don’t know what I can say lol. Candice also seems aware of the furore she caused on the Internet last week with her comeback match:

That night when I returned may not have been my perfect match, but I did make my presence known! A good friend gave me some advice. She said, “I have to walk before I can run!” As much as I want to sprint right now, I realize time will get me there!

You can check out the rest of Candice’s essay blog by clicking here. If anything, she seems genuinely excited and enthusiastic about returning and wrestling.

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