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Carmella discusses AJ Styles, R-Truth, IIconics, and turning face

2018 has been a killer year for ex-SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella, and she got a chance to talk about her favorite wrestlers, challenges on the main roster, and the best advice she’s been given.

Carmella spoke with Metro Sport about a slew of various topics, including her thoughts on R-Truth, who she won the Mixed Match Challenge finals with, during this year’s TLC pay-per-view.

“I didn’t know him that well before we started this whole thing but he’s such an easygoing guy. It’s been really fun getting to know him, and honestly, how you see us on TV is how we are in real life.

We finish each others sentences, we’re so silly and we have turned into such good friends. I feel super lucky, he’s a great, great guy and he’s not afraid to make a fool out of himself and have a good time.

Every opportunity he gets he embraces it and makes the most of it. That’s something everyone in this company can learn from it. Never think you’re too good for a role, and never take yourself too seriously.”

Carmella touched briefly on how it felt to be face in the eyes of the WWE Universe.

“When I was in NXT I was a good guy so it’s not been completely foreign to me, but ever since I’ve been on SmackDown I’ve been hated completely. The part I like about it the most is that it’s been so organic, it wasn’t something that was planned to get people to love me or be on my side.

I didn’t change anything or do anything differently, I’m still moonwalking, trash-talking and still have a loud mouth and say what’s on my mind.

It’s just really cool how it’s happened, and now the fans are on my side – I’ll take it!”

The 31-year-old was signed in 2013, and has been around for a few years. Mella shares the best advice she’s ever received, and how important it is to not care what others think.

“Something I took away from Kurt Angle’s Hall of Fame speech was never be afraid to make a fool of yourself and don’t take yourself too seriously. I really let that sink in and ran with it.

In my career I’ve had several different paths and character turns. I was a manager in NXT, then I was the last draft pick and then with James Ellsworth as a champion. I feel it’s important to show different sides of my character and I never take myself too seriously. I’ll never be like ‘oh that’s too silly for me’ or ‘Carmella’s too cool for that’. Any opportunity I get I want to make the most of it and I’m not afraid to look like an idiot.

Some people take themselves way too seriously, but it’s WWE – the E stands for entertainment and that’s what I want to bring to it. Anyone can go out and have a match but it’s a matter of connecting with the fans and making them react one way or another, whether it’s making them laugh, or get mad, or be happy. You’ve got to make them feel some sort of way. Whatever it is I have to do to achieve that, I want to do the best I can.”

Carmella’s favorite wrestler?

“AJ Styles. He’s incredible, he has amazing matches with everybody and he’s so athletic, and a great guy, too.”

The most underrated wrestler?

“The IIconics, for sure. They’re amazing, I had so many great matches with Peyton in NXT, I loved wrestling her and she’s so good. Both of them are great, but they haven’t been able to show half of what they can do yet and people will be really impressed when they get the opportunity to show it.”

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