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Carmella could possibly become 24/7 Champion

In a recent report by they focused on the topic of why R-Truth is being a focal point. Vince McMahon is high on R-Truth because he isn’t afraid to do the silly things and he is up for anything. In turn, this add’s Carmella to the conversation.

Although McMahon didn’t say the same about Carmella, the topic of women winning the belt was brought up. When the 24/7 Championship was created it never ruled out women from winning it. She has served a pivotal role by helping Truth retain the title.

As most know this title is being treated similar to the Hardcore Championship where the gold was defended 24/7. That particular title did have a few women capture it. These women included Mighty Molly, Terri, and Hall of Famer Trish Stratus.

Paul Davis of had the following to say about Carmella possibly being the first woman to become the 24/7 Champion:

“I was also told that the 24/7 title story is leading to something with Carmella. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they want her to turn heel but putting the title on one of the women is something that has been talked about and Carmella is the leading candidate to get the title soon.

If done right they could still have Carmella make a heel turn and Truth could play it off. After all, he used to think Maryse was Carmella, so anything could happen. Maybe Carmella could be a multi-time champion in the future?

What do you think of Carmella being 24/7 Champion? How about including the women into the fray? Which other women would you like to be included? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

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