Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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Carmella debunks the rumor that she had Coronavirus

WWE recently announced that there was a member of WWE that contracted the widespreading Coronavirus . This member was said to not be one of the roster and the individual was quarantined once diagnosed on March 26 and has been doing well with their recovery. Here is WWE’s official announcement:

“A WWE employee has tested positive for COVID-19. We believe this matter is low risk to WWE talent and staff, as the individual and a roommate became symptomatic in the days following exposure to two people working in acute health care on the evening of March 26, after WWE’s TV production on a closed set was already complete. The employee had no contact with anyone from WWE since being exposed to those two individuals, is doing well, and made a complete recovery.”

Since this announcement was made, rumors were circulating on other news outlets that several Superstars had contracted the virus. There was nothing backing these accusations from WWE nor the talent themselves. One of the listed talents was Carmella.

The timing of this rumor showed how much this was untrue as Carmella was just on the live episode of SmackDown on Friday. Also in addition to her was her boyfriend and commentator Corey Graves. Graves was also at the announce table on Friday’s episode.

As if this rumor had any backing to be true, Carmella comment to a remark made on Twitter wishing her well. The tweet she responded to has now been deleted.

Carmella wasn’t seen for the past several weeks which had pre-taped episodes. Graves was also missing from those episodes but continued to do his After the Bell podcast and hosted the Kick Off show of WrestleMania before being on SmackDown on this past Friday.

It is important to note that although several Superstars sat out from WrestleMania and the surrounding shows, there has been no confirmation on any of them having contracted COVID-19.

We here at Diva Dirt understand the severity of any accusations and will go with what WWE has officially stated in regards to the health of their employees.

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