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Carmella & Zelina Fool Everyone; Lynch Sends Message to Belair

With their Women’s Tag Team Championship reign hanging in the balance, Carmella & Queen Zelina haven’t exactly been on the same page for the past number of weeks. On top of the dissension growing between the champs themselves, they now have to defend their titles against three other teams in a Fatal 4-way at WrestleMania 38. While Zelina has been focusing on the mission to keep gold, Carmella has been preoccupied with her upcoming real-life wedding.

The champs hit a boiling point backstage when Zelina wasn’t happy that Carmella was taking the concept of a Fatal 4-way seriously. Zelina threw Carmella’s phone and called her a bridezilla before Carmella calls her a hobbit before slapping her. Zelina takes her crown off before the champs start brawling as officials come to break them up.

Moments later, two of the three teams that Carmella & Zelina have to face at WrestleMania met in the ring for a match. Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley faced SmackDown’s Natalya and Shayna Baszler. As the action continues in the ring between the two teams, Carmella makes her way to commentary where she gets emotional to Corey Graves about what Zelina did to her.

The tag match is won by Baszler who gets the pin on Morgan. Ripley was tossed out of the ring prior by Baszler who pulls her down from the ring apron. Morgan tried to pick up the win despite having no one to tag, but the roll-up on Natalya didn’t get the fall. Natalya assists Baszler in getting a clothesline on Morgan for the win.

After the match, Ripley is attacked from behind in the ring by Queen Zelina with her scepter. Carmella handles Baszler and Natalya on the outside of the ring. She enters and gets face to face with her co-champion. The two take a look around at the other teams laid out as they both laughed and hugged each other fooling everyone and having them feel that they weren’t a cohesive unit.

With next Monday’s Raw the last show for the red brand before WrestleMania, all four teams in the Women’s Tag Team Title match will be in attendance. An eight-woman tag team match is booked with Liv Morgan, Rhea Ripley, Sasha Banks, & Naomi taking on the team of Queen Zelina, Carmella, Natalya, and Shayna Baszler.

Elsewhere on this week’s Raw, Becky Lynch had a promo on Bianca Belair. Lynch savagely attacked Belair last week giving her an injury to her throat. She says that Belair may not have meant to damage her a few weeks ago but Lynch certainly meant to injure Belair last week. An eye for an eye and a throat for a throat.

She goes on to tell Bianca that she doesn’t want to lose her soul, but as for Lynch herself – she has sold hers. And she would continue to sell it every day of the week and twice on Mondays if it means keeping the Raw Women’s Title.

Lastly, for the women on Raw, there was a mixed tag team match where the 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke teamed up with Reggie to face Tamina and Akira Tozawa. The match didn’t last long as Reggie landed a splash on Tozawa for the win.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for more news and results from the women of Raw as we get closer to WrestleMania.

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