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Championship Chaos For NXT UK, Sarray vs Satomura Canceled

Tonight’s main event of NXT UK was the highly anticipated title contest between Sarray vs Meiko Satomura but things didn’t exactly go to plan.


First, as promised last week, we saw Chase U attend NXT UK and got a montage of their trip so far.

Thea Hail would be in the corner of her classmate as he took a loss to Sha Samuels but it was backstage that Thea got her moment when Eliza Alexander, minus Xia Brookside, confronted Thea. Alexander said she is tired of the Americans coming to NXT UK and planned to use Thea to make a name for herself.

Hail stood her ground, only storming off when Alexander dared question the legitimacy of Chase U.

As the main event draws close, the ring announcer starts her formal introductions but it is Blair Davenport who makes her way to the ring.


The self-proclaimed Heir to the NXT UK Women’s Championship reveals there won’t be a title match tonight as Sarray and Meiko Satomura both had ‘run ins’ with her. As she takes her place in the ring, Davenport continues the narrative she has had since returning to NXT UK; the championship would soon be hers.

This unscheduled segment causes Sid Scala to hurry out closely followed by Amale and Eliza Alexander who both claim their own rights to the title, with Alexander pointing out Davenport’s success at getting noticed. The NXT UK crowd begin to chant and we find Isla Dawn has snuck her way in the ring and behind Davenport, bringing to question Davenport’s earlier claim to having beaten every woman in the locker room. A stressed Scala hastily books a match with the two women in ring gear to have a Number One Contender’s match, leaving Amale and Alexander in the cold.

The match between Dawn and Davenport is a rough affair, in a good way. The two throw stiff shots back and forward, cracking each other in the mouth with fists and boots with each getting strong offence in throughout. Commentary wonders why Scala would reward Davenport for ruining the title match but remind us of the time Davenport assaulted Scala when she didn’t get her own way.

The two previous challengers to Meiko’s title are quite evenly matched, with momentum shifting one crucial move at a time but it is Dawn, with a flying meteora from the top rope, who seems to have the match won!

And then Eliza happens…

Returning back to the area, Eliza Alexander pulls Dawn from the ring and causes the disqualification. Dawn, and the commentary table, feels she had the match won and responds by decking Alexander. Back in the ring, a recovering Davenport is blindsided by Amale who refuses to be left out.

Dawn and Alexander both make their way in to the ring and a brawl breaks out that has to be broken up by officials. Each woman is pushed to a corner of the ring but Alexander and Davenport break free, attacking Amale and Dawn respectively and we come off the air with the brawl still happening and no further forward on our title contendership.

Authors Take –

Was very surprised that the Sarray vs Satomura match was canceled/postponed, especially with how they’ve promoted the match, and having them taken out off screen was a bizarre choice. It was clear that Blair was going for the gold again and given her track record, tonight’s disruption was very on brand for her.

It seems we are getting a Fatal Four Way match between the four women that closed the show which I am all for. I don’t even know if we’ve ever had one for the women on NXT UK but I am personally rooting for Eliza to get the win.

I think some of the delivery of tonight’s segment felt a little off and I do question if it was legitimately thrown together quite quickly during the taping but I am sure the resulting match will be a strong one. NXT UK needs to utilize more of their women this way.

Are you disappointed in the canceled title match? Who will be the next No.1 Contender? Share your thoughts and feelings in the comments!

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