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Charlie Morgan set to face Jetta on Oct. 9 following her return from retirement

Charlie Morgan just recently made a shocking return to pro wrestling by coming out of retirement.

Morgan retired from wrestling in 2019 after an injury to her foot/ankle caused her to step away from the ring. She made her return at Pro Wrestling EVE’s Wrestle Queendom 4 at the end of August. She appeared in the main event revealing herself as ‘The Gambler’ against Skye Smitson.

Now she is set to return to the ring and has a match booked for October 9 for Wrestle Carnival where she will be facing the Pro Wrestling EVE Women’s Champion and her fiance, Jetta. The couple has been engaged since December.

The couple will go one-on-one for some bragging rights for their household.

Jetta won the EVE Women’s Championship at Wrestle Queendom 4 from the three-time and longest-reigning champion Rhia O’Reilly. That match was a 30-woman Rumble match in which Jetta last eliminated O’Reilly to start her first EVE Women’s Title reign.

Since returning, Morgan spoke recently with Cultaholic’s ‘Desert Island Graps’ show and had the following to say:

“It’s a really indescribable feeling. I was obviously super nervous and there’s that little bit of self-doubt that’s like, ‘Are they gonna remember who I am or not? Are they?’ I could see the tron on the other side and obviously the cards were being laid down and you could hear the rumbling of the crowd and then the ace [card] got slammed down and there was a little bit of a pop there when people thought, ‘Oh, could it be? Could it be?’

And then when they saw my eyes, that was like the next sort of bigger pop. That was the one that really got me. I’m sure some people may have seen the video of me backstage and I’m like [hyped up] because I’m just — I just did not expect that reaction. But yeah, I was just… the adrenaline just absolutely hit the roof and I just, yeah. I went nuts as you could see.” [h/t: POSTWrestling]

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