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Charlotte Flair Was Planned To Help Bayley After Damage CTRL Turn

Naomi has been recently helping Bayley since Damage CTRL turned their back on the former leader, but what was the original plan?

Many speculated that if Mercedes Moné/Sasha Banks would have returned to WWE that she would have been Bayley’s help. Instead, it was planned to be a different horsewoman, Charlotte Flair.

Per Fightful Select:

Bayley is poised for a WrestleMania 40 title match, but without the backup of her fellow Horsewomen against Damage CTRL.

There was much speculation that Mercedes Mone/Sasha Banks would eventually come to Bayley’s aid, which would have been a natural connection. However, we’re told that dating back to the fall, that actually wasn’t the working plan. The Damage CTRL split was planned months ahead of time, as far back as when Charlotte Flair was in the ring.

We’re told by members of WWE creative that the idea was for Charlotte to aid Bayley in fighting off Damage CTRL when the turn eventually happened. However, Charlotte’s unfortunate injury changed things.

One source in WWE said that Mercedes signing with WWE when they had talks definitely could have changed things, but that wasn’t the working plan and things didn’t get far enough for advanced creative pitches.

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