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Chelsea Green provides an update on her in-ring return

Chelsea Green has been out of action for the past couple months due to an injury. She suffered a broken wrist mid-match during her NXT debut. It was previously reported that she had immediate surgery to repair the break.

She has provided an update to her recovery from her injury on her Instagram account. She made a post reflecting on her wait to return to the ring. Under the post were several comments from fans cheering her on and awaiting her return.

A fan commented that they have been waiting for Green since her time on Tough Enough and that they are okay with waiting a few more months for her return. Green responded by saying “weeks” instead of months. She confirmed with another fan that her brace is officially off her wrist. Her caption on her post reads as follows:

“I hate waiting. But if waiting is what it takes… for you, I’ll wait. Will you all wait with me?”

Are you looking forward to Chelsea Green’s return to NXT? Who would you like to see her feud with upon her return? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!!

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