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Chelsea Green wins Women’s Invitational Cup to earn title shot – Full NWA EmPowerrr Results

Chelsea Green outlasted nine other women to become the winner of the first annual NWA Women’s Invitational Cup. Along with a trophy, Green will be facing NWA World Women’s Champion Kamille on Aug. 29 at NWA73.

The match got down to a final four of Green, Kiera Hogan, Tootie Lynn, and Masha Slamovich. Green and Hogan started the match as the first two competitors. The match was a Rumble-style Gauntlet match where a woman entered every two minutes and eliminations came by pinfall or submission.

The match whittled its way down to Tootie Lynn and Chelsea Green. Lynn had the sold-out crowd fully behind her as EmPowerrr was taking place in her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. Green picked up the win by hitting the Unprettier on Lynn to get the pin and sound the bell.

The entrance order was as follows: Chelsea Green, Kiera Hogan, Bianca Carelli, Thunder Kitty, JENNACIDE, Lady Frost, Debbie Malenko, Jamie Senegal, Masha Slamovich, and Tootie Lynn.

The eliminations were as follows: Bianca Carelli (by Jennacide), Thunder Kitty (by Jennacide), Lady Frost (by Malenko), Debbie Malenko (by Hogan), Jennacide (by Senegal), Jamie Senegal (by Slamovich), Kiera Hogan (by Slamovich), Masha Slamovich (by Lynn).

Green then celebrated with the rest of the fantastic women at the event and gave praise to Tootie Lynn to soak up her moment in her hometown.

This was the main event of the night, but the card had many other amazing matches that have had many fans and fellow wrestlers applauding throughout social media.

Two singles titles were on the line and both matches did not disappoint in the slightest.

First, we had Deonna Purrazzo defending her Knockouts Championship against Melina. A storyteller of a match if there ever was one. It was no secret that coming into this match with a prior ACL injury that there was some concern for Melina. That being said, she did not let that stop her from going for the gold she has never held before in her veteran career.

As the match progresses, Melina’s knee became quite worrisome as she struggled, collapsing a few times. As she tried to run the ropes, but was unable to and went down to the mat, the referee wanted to call the match but Melina wouldn’t let her. She continued to fight back until she found herself in Purrazzo’s armbar.

Trying all she could to get to the ropes to cause a break, Purrazzo peeled back each limb of Melina until she had her in an armbar into a boston crab combination. Melina taps and Purrazzo is still the Knockouts Champion.

Next, we had the NWA World Women’s Title on the line. A championship so enriched in history from its first champion Mildred Burke. The current champion, Kamille took on AEW’s Legit Leyla Hirsch.

In a David & Goliath comparison type of opponents, this match stole the show. with it arguably being the match of the night.

Moments towards the end of the match include Hirsch hitting Kamille with a shining wizard which leads to a near fall. She tries to lock in an armbar and Kamille gets to the ropes for the break. The champ then gets a near fall of her own before the two exchange punches. Hirsch then misses with a moonsault before avoiding a spear. She goes back for the armbar which sees Kamille getting a near fall after stacking her up. Kamille tosses Hirsch across the ring before delivering a spear to get the win.

The Hex become the new NWA World Women’s Tag Team Champions after defeating Red Velvet and KiLynn King. You can check out those results by clicking here.

The opening match was advertised as an interpomotional match between NWA, AEW, and AAA. Diamante came out with the win for AEW as she hit a Destroyer on Chik Tormenta for the win. Kylie Rae was the representative from NWA in this match. Rae will be facing Mickie James at NWA 73 on Sunday in James’ first match since WWE.

Preshow matches results were:

Skye Blue defeated Christi Jaynes (can be viewed below)

Paola Mayfield (Blaze) defeated Kenzie Paige

As a side note, Lady Frost needs to be signed officially after this –

If you haven’t checked out the event, it is a must-see.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for all your future news on NWA women’s wrestling.

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