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Christmas Classics: Merry Trish-mas 2008

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And over the next few days, we’re going to be reliving some of the goodies that TNA and WWE have put under our Christmas trees! Looking back at the Christmas themed matches we’ve seen the Divas and Knockouts involved in, the DD team will each be picking their favourite Christmas themed match and sharing with you over the next few days!

Today’s pick is from Tiffany: Given my short memory, Trish Stratus‘ ‘surprise’ return to Raw last December sticks out in my mind as très memorable. It was moreso the immediate shock of “OMG, it’s Trish Stratus” that cements this as a Christmas classic, than the match itself. Though, seeing Beth and Trish go at it was a holiday treat, and Trish showed little to no ring rust whatsoever. Of course, the appeal has worn off now that Trish has graced us with her wondrous presence yet again this year. But hey, it was certainly awesome at the time. Not many Divas can elicit that type of response having been dormant for some odd years. The maniacal laugh still gives me chills… not even going to lie.

Watch below:

Share your memories of this match in the comments, or if you’ve just watched it for the first time, tell us what you think too!

Check back tomorrow for the final installment.

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