Thursday, April 18, 2024

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Chyna Headed to WrestleMania?

Did hell just freeze over? I think so! Word is that former Diva legend, Chyna could be heading to WrestleMania to compete for the ‘Miss WrestleMania’ title. The former Intercontinental and Women’s Champion hasn’t been seen in the WWE since leaving in 2001 admist a real-life triangle involving her then-boyfriend Triple H and his onscreen (and now real life) wife Stephanie McMahon.

According to sources, Chyna has been in talks with the company as late as this past Monday. The news was talk of the triple-header Raw, SmackDown and ECW taping in Dallas, Texas. However if a deal can be reached, it’s unlikely that Chyna would appear unless she received a huge payout in return – and it just so happens that she has a book waiting in the wings to be promoted!

Ironically, Chyna’s last WWE appearance was at WrestleMania 17.

Diva Dirt acquired an official statement from Chyna’s publicist, follow the cut to read:

Sorry dudes, it had to be done lol :)

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