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Chyna’s mother makes request to re-examine death case

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New details surrounding the death of WWE Superstar Chyna have begun to emerge.

According to a new report by Pro Wrestling Sheet, Chyna’s mother, Jan LaQue, has made an official request to police officers to re-examine the death case surrounding her daughter.

LaQue is claiming that in the weeks before Chyna’s death on April 20th of this year, Chyna had fired her manager Anthony Anzaldo, sighting dishonesty and that the manager had stolen money and property, including a cello, from Chyna.

In between emails with her daughter, LaQue states that her daughter had warned her mother to “please refrain from talking to Anthony at the moment”.

At the time, LaQue says she was worried that her daughter was just dealing with personal demons but now fears something else was wrong, which is why she is now speaking out about it. LaQue adds that Anzaldo has also been confrontational about where Chyna’s possessions are and where money raised and donated to her estate is going.

Anthony Anzaldo has responded to LaQue’s claims in a statement to Pro Wrestling Sheet stating: “I never stole from Chyna and I certainly wasn’t fired. I didn’t work for her, I don’t work for anyone. We were partners. I will be releasing a statement in the near future.”

What are your thoughts on this whole ordeal?

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