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Clash of Champions Kickoff Results: Nia Jax steams over Alicia Fox

[media-credit name=”WWE” align=”alignnone” width=”620″]ClashofChampions-kickoff-2016[/media-credit]

Tonight at Night of Champions Kickoff, Nia Jax streaks of wins continues with a win over Alicia Fox.

Alicia relied on her speed early on in the match landing in a few quicks kicks to Nia but Nia’s strength got the better over the former WWE Divas Champion, tossing Alicia across the ring by the hair and slowing Alicia down with a chin lock.

Alicia would fight off Nia and land a high flying offense with a top rope cross body leading to a scissors kick for a near pin.

In the end, a running splash to the turnbuckle and Samoan Drop by Nia would seal Alicia’s fate and put her away for the three count.

What did you think of the match?

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