Friday, December 1, 2023

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Complete Heat & RAW Spoilers – HUGE NEWS!

Highlight below for explosive, gargantuan spoilers from tonight’s RAW that will have you going “OMFG!”

Melina & Jillian def. Maria & Ashley

Mickie def. Beth Phoenix to become the new Women’s Champion! They do “big fight” introductions. Afterwards, Mickie cries with joy and Ashley and Maria come to congratulate her.

Our thoughts after the cut:

I certainly didn’t see this coming so soon! They couldn’t have waited for Backlash? It seems they rushed this when they could’ve built it up for a couple of weeks until the pay per view. But the “big fight”-feel introductions sounds really good, of course leading to a monumental title change. It seems WWE is channeling TNA somewhat, it remains to be seen if they can follow through in the same way as TNA. I, for one, am hoping for some fresh new feuds… Mickie vs Katie Lea could be an amazing feud!

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