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Complete SmackDown! Spoilers – June 06, 2008

This week on Friday Night SmackDown! history will be made, tune in as not one but two bombshells are dropped! Check out the full details below:

– Edge and La Familia opened the show. Vickie Guerrero got insane amounts of heat for introducing Edge, saying Undertaker was gone from WWE for good. Edge cut a promo and said Undertaker can now ‘rest in peace.’

The lights then went out, and people thought Undertaker was back already. The lights came on, and Edge had pranked us all. Huge heat for that. Vickie announces she and Edge will get married on the July 11 edition of Smackdown. Geez.

– Batista hit the ring and said he wanted Edge in a title match. Vickie said no to the idea, and said if he wants a title shot, he has to win an 8-man tag match tonight with the added stipulation that she chooses who teams with Batista.

– Backstage, Vickie was shown with the SmackDown divas. She says she will crown a new Smackdown brand Divas champion!

Natalya beat Cherry, Maryse, Victoria, Layla El and Michelle McCool in a divas match to advance to Night Of Champions where the new Divas champion will be crowned.

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