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CZW responds to the backlash from the renaming of past WSU women events

As reported over the weekend, LuFisto came forward on video about her disgust on what has occurred with the re-branding of women events with Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) and Women Superstars United (WSU). As a recap, CZW had previously entered into an agreement with a third party for use of their footage.

The third party has chosen to re-release prior events with the women’s events renamed. These names have been constructed in a way that has made the events sound like “softcore porn” with names such as CZW Girlz: Top Heavy & Tough and CZW Girlz: All Assest Revealed just to name a couple.

LuFisto has stressed the seriousness of the situation. She and all of her female colleagues are athletes and should be treated as such and not be packaged as adult entertainers.

CZW has now publically responded to this and as can be seen, by the tweet from below, they continue to take no responsibility. As LuFisto has said in her video, she has reached out to them personally prior to making this public. Her concern has been met with a similar response as to their public response. According to CZW, there is nothing they can do about it because the distributor has the right to repackage and rename shows as they see fit.

Other wrestlers have stepped forward to stand with LuFisto in her fight against what is right and just. First, we have IMPACT’s Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace who responded with the following:

SHIMMER Champion Kimber Lee also made a statement in regards to this and also started a further conversation about harassment that should be exposed from the organization. The thread involves Grace’s response as well.

LuFisto responds to CZW’s statement. She explains how she has been treated from coming forward and how she is proud that there have been many of her fellow wrestlers that have had her back and join her in speaking up for what is right.

What do you think about CZW’s response? Should they be taking responsibility for this instead of acting like they can’t do anything?

Clearly, they should have been more concerned about who they entered into a licensing agreement with if they cared about their female talent.

Discuss your thoughts in the comment section below.

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