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Dakota Kai Turns On Bayley; Tiffy Time Was Up For Naomi

Dakota Kai was a snake in the grass the whole time!!

On the March 1 episode of SmackDown, Kai was returning to in-ring action as she teamed with Bayley to take on The Kabuki Warriors. Bayley has been lured into a false sense of security thinking that Kai had her back, but she should’ve known better. Kai wouldn’t even enter the match as she dropped from the apron when Bayley went for the tag.

This betrayal led to Bayley fighting off the tag team champions herself but then she went right after Kai. The numbers game became way too much for Bayley as her WrestleMania opponent and the WWE Women’s Champion IYO SKY joined in on the attack. The four members of Damage CTRL stood tall after picking apart their former leader.

Moments later and backstage, Damage CTRL runs into Jade Cargill with Cargill and SKY exchanging some words before Nick Aldis pulled Cargill into his office.

Tiffany Stratton continues her momentum on the main roster and as a member of SmackDown. She took out Naomi first in the Elimination Chamber and she grabbed a win against the veteran tonight.

The match heated up and was a great back and forth but could have been given more time if it wasn’t for Roman Reigns and The Rock talking for the first 40 minutes of a two hour show.

The final moments had Stratton rake the eyes of Naomi without the referee noticing. Stratton threw her shoulder first into the ring post and then hit her P.M.E. for the win.

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