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Dana Brooke becomes a two-time 24/7 Champion; Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair set the stage for WrestleMania

This week’s Raw had Dana Brooke recapture the 24/7 Championship.

Already the longest-reigning women’s champion to hold the gold and sitting at number three for longest-reigning overall, Brooke was devastated when she lost the title on last week’s Raw. Now, only one week later she is now a two-time champion.

Reggie, who has helped Dana keep the 24/7 Championship was the one to take it off of her last week. He was hurt that she didn’t want to take their relationship to the next level and only wanted to remain friends. This week, Reggie wanted to prove to Dana how much she means to him and invited a referee to join them in the ring. After allowing Dana to go for the pin a couple of times he continued to kick out until Dana kissed him to win back the title. Reggie then assisted her in getting away from those chasing her.

Elsewhere on Raw, the number one contender for the Raw Women’s Championship and the Elimination Chamber winner Bianca Belair went to the ring to take on Doudrop. Before the bout, she talked about running it back and spoke about SummerSlam when Becky Lynch made her return. Now as the only two women who have won in a WrestleMania main event are poised to take part in this year’s event, a battle of words started on Monday night.

“Bianca, don’t forget that the only reason you were able to main event WrestleMania to begin with was because I did it first,” said Lynch.

Belair responded, “Becky, you might have done it first, but I did it better!”

Lynch went on to say that she has not been defeated for the Raw Women’s Title since she won it at WrestleMania 35 three years ago. And she focuses on her win from SummerSlam where she defeated Belair in 26 seconds. She blames Belair for having the fans turn against her.

With Lynch on commentary, Belair would go on to have another solid match with Doudrop. After delivering a massive powerbomb and an impressive KOD to Doudrop, Belair would pick up the win much to the chagrin to Lynch.

The segment would end with Lynch on top of the announce table with belt in hand trading words with Belair.

After an impressive showing in last week’s gauntlet match and then Elimination Chamber on Saturday, Rhea Ripley battled Nikki A.S.H. once again and once again came out with a victory.

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