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Detailed Results & Pictures from ACW Queen of Queens Tournament

This past weekend, Anarchy Championship Wrestling held its annual Queen of Queens tournament, including the likes of Serena, Mia Yim and ACW mainstays Rachel Summerlyn and Athena.

Diva Dirt regular, Brandon, was in attendance and sent in results and thoughts from the show. Check them out below:

[notice]Anarchy Championship Wrestling (ACW) has been a well-growing wrestling promotion that the viewers from not only in the state of Texas, but in the entire world. Fans come from all over the U.S. to see what they get their money’s worth in the first place, good, intense, pure wrestling from the Anarchist. One show in particular is what got fans attach to ACW more than any other show – The American Joshis Queen of Queens Tournament. ACW has had big successes over the course of their existence, including dream matches that people cannot get elsewhere, and mostly the MOST VIOLENT matches a fan would seek their teeth into. But the biggest success (to me and everybody else) that makes ACW for what is a strong promotion in the United States – THEIR WOMEN.

ACW is one of the promotions that is mostly male-dominated, to have a strong, pound for pound women’s division, a division that is 100% contradictory to what you see on TV now a days. These girls aren’t look upon as women wrestlers; they are looked upon as WRESTLERS. In other words, they are treated as equals to the males in the ring, and willing to get in the ring with the best of the men. The division started in 2007 with two individuals, Rachel Summerlyn and Mickie Knuckles. Both women known for their Deathmatches; they go through thumbtacks and broken glass to see who the better woman is. Summerlyn then moved on from Knuckles, and feuded with other wrestlers like Andy Dalton (and her brutal Deathmatch with him in 2008, which I recommend watching) and Daffney. To fast forward to today, other women have stepped up to contribute to the American Joshi era in ACW: Jessica James/Lady Poison, Athena, Amanda Fox, Lillie Mae, and others. Even big names in women’s wrestling help contribute to this division as well: Sara Del Rey, Daizee Haze, MsChif, Portia Perez, Serena Deeb, etc. And for one night of every year, ACW grants the girls a one-night tournament to not only show who the best woman of thee night is, but to honor the sport that is of women’s wrestling in the Queen of Queens Tournament. And this year’s Queen of Queens is no different from the past Queen of Queens.

The 3rd Annual American Joshi Queen of Queens kicked off with ACW ring announcer Barry Stewart calling out the 8 participants in this years Queen of Queens – Rachel Summerlyn, Amanda Fox, Lillie Mae, Mia Yim, Athena, Christina Von Eerie, Serena Deeb (who came face to face with Amanda Fox), and last years (2010) Queen of Queens winner Portia Perez. Portia’s entrance was delayed until she appeared in street clothes and a wrench, and Super Electro with her. Perez has now evolved into a creepier, vindictive, gloomy, and possessed individual than ever before. No more Canadian Ninja in ACW. As the Joshis line up for a photo op, Portia immediately struck Lillie Mae in the nose with that wrench she carried, which stated a brief brawl with the Joshis until Anarchists (ACW wrestlers) separated Perez from the girls. After things all got settled, everybody left the ring, except Portia Perez and Mia Yim, which triggered the start of 2011 Queen of Queens Tournament.

1. 1st Round Match – Mia Yim vs. Portia Perez

Winner via submission with Crossface – Portia Perez. A decent opening match. Mia Yim looks stunning in person. She impressed in her Texas debut. Just wish she did more in this match. Yim almost got the win with a guillotine submission. But as soon as Yim attempted a high risk move off the top rope, Perez structed her in the stomach with the wrench, with triggered Perez for her Crossface for the win, and advance to the semi-finals, eliminating the Blaisian Barbie (BTW Diva-Dirt, did you forget to tell Mia that ACW is a No Barbie Zone? Just saying…I digress.)

2. 1st Round Match – ACW Tag Team Champion Rachel Summerlyn vs. Christina Von Eerie

Winner via Gory Bomb – Rachel Summerlyn. A brutal back and forth match between these two, mostly taken to the floor outside the ring. Things got technical in the beginning (along with Chirstina’s “OI!” chants), then things got brutal. Moments in the match include when Von Eerie poured beer on Summerlyn, and also Von Eerie and Summerlyn brought chairs, sat down and had a strike out with each other. Christina is very over with the crowd, and fits the ACW mold very well.

The next match was suppose to be Athena vs. Lillie Mae, but due to the wrench strike in the nose Portia Perez gave Lillie at the top of the show, see was pulled from the tournament. (Damn you, Portia Perez). Athena came out for her match (sporting new orange gear, and a new “Team Athena” T-Shirt), then ACW founder Darin Childs came out to let the Wrestling Goddess know that Athena will then face Angel Blue in the first round match.

3. 1st Round Match – “The Wrestling Goddess” Athena vs. Angel Blue

Winner via Top Rope Double Knees – Athena. This match was pretty much one-sided, in favor of Athena. Angel Blue had an OK showing, but not enough to put away the Goddess of Wrestling. Athena’s athleticism…need I say more?

Next up is the most hyped up match in the tournament:

4. 1st Round Match – “Five-Star” Amanda Fox vs. Serena Deeb

Amanda wasted no time making a statement in the Joshi Division, by pinning Serena in the 6 Joshi Scramble at the December show last year. Since then Fox declared herself to be Serena Deeb’s worst nightmare. Let’s see if the 19-year-old an pull it the second time, or will Serena take Fox to school in wrestling.

Beginning of the match Amanda spat on Serena, which triggered a chase off. Then Highroller Hayze showed up to defend Fox. Things got extremely technical when the girls got back in.

Winner via roll-up – Amanda Fox. I can sum this match up in five words – MATCH OF THE YEAR CANDIDATE! Words can’t describe who awesome this match is. The stuff this 19-year-old can do is mind boggling, that you got to see it to believe it. Fox took a vicious spear from Serena on the turnbuckle steel corner from the top ring apron. All I can say is Amanda Fox solidified herself as a “ONE TO WATCH”.

After the match, Serena cut a promo, stating that though Amanda got the win, she made a huge mistake messing with her, and that she will be back to ACW, and make Amanda Fox’s night for the worse.

The tournament takes a break for now, which leads to Barry introducing someone he is happy to see again – DAFFNEY!!

Fans popped big for her, as I did as well. Daff got on the mic stating that it is good to be home. But had a huge problem with a certain someone that has recently been disrespecting the women of the Joshi division. That person was JT Lamotta. She asked for Lamotta to get down to the ring and confront her. Lamotta comes down to the ring, has some verbal words for Daffney and the other Joshis he faced, but Daffney isn’t scared of him and found one person that can take him on – ACW American Joshi Champion Lady Poison! OOOHHHH, IT’S ON NOW!!!!

5. Non-Tournament Match – ACW American Joshi Champion Lady Poison vs. “The Mind of Wrestling” JT Lamotta

Winner via Poison Kiss – Lady Poison. After the match, Poison and Daffney hugged and left the ring. JT is a fool for messing with the Joshis. Great match between the two. Lady Poison is one creepy individual.

Next up is the semi-finals of the Queen of Queens Tournament.

6. Semi-Final Match – Rachel Summerlyn vs. Portia Perez

Winner via submission with the Texas Cloverleaf – Rachel Summerlyn. The match was very psychological. Both girls came out, with no smile for Summerlyn, and these two went back and forth. Very slow and methodical these two where. Two shocking moments in this match – 1.) Rachel busting out a springboard moonsault, and my jaw dropped. Though she missed, it looked beautiful. Perez landed two Superkicks to Summerlyn, but Rachel kicked out. Now for number 2.) As Portia went for the wrench, Super Electro came in and posted his foot on the wrench, only to then unmask himself to be ROBERT EVANS! Fans popped big for his special appereance. For those who don’t know the ACW storyline, Evans and Perez were once in love, but Perez broke his heart but Superkicking him. So in retribution, the Excellence of Excellence return and planted Portia with a Tombstone Styles Clash. After he left, Rachel hits Best of Both Worlds (her fisherman neckbreaker), followed by her Texas Cloverleaf for the submission win and her first shot at the finals of the tournament. Thus dethroning Perez from retaining her title as Queen of Queens. “F*** YOU, PORTIA!!” chants came once Perez left.

7. Semi-Final Match – “Five Star” Amanda Fox vs. “The Wrestling Goddess” Athena

Winner via Submission – Athena. Another great match from two up and comers in the world of wrestling. Athena stated that “THIS IS MY HOUSE!!”, and me having my mark out moment responded “TEAM ATHENA, B****ES!!” Fox kick out of Athena’s top rope double knees (which put away Angel Blue in the first round). She also attempted the top rope stunner, but Fox saw it coming and counter it into a vicious German Suplex. The Goddess got Fox in this very creative submission, trapping both arms of Fox and hosting her leg on the back of Amanda’s head, tapped out Fox, and move on to the finals to face her number one hussie, Rachel Summerlyn. (Could someone get me a dictioNERD? What does hussie mean?) She then waved her brand new T-Shirt claiming “Team Athena” all the way.

Fast-forwarding two incredible men’s matches (one of which involves my homeboy “Showtime” Scott Summers spearing a chick from the Takeover), we get to the Finals of the American Joshi Queen of Queens Tournament between rivals Rachel Summerlyn and Athena. This is the rematch from their EPIC 10,000 Thumbtacks Match from Guilty By Association 5 (I recommend people to comp that DVD at Also for those who didn’t know, Athena cost Rachel her match with JT Lamotta at the last show. So this is redemption for Mrs. Summerlyn. Time to see who takes the title of 2011 ACW Queen of Queens.

8. Final Round Match – Rachel Summerlyn vs. Athena

The crowd was split between these two, and you can tell the beef these two got for each other. This match was a straight-up fight. Athena and Rachel pulled no punches against each other. Athena hit a flurry of roundhouse kicks on Summerlyn (about 10 of them). Rachel busted 2 Gory Bombs on the Goddess in the ring. After the two exchanged submissions, they took it to the floor, ACW JOSHI STYLE! Athena busted a headscissors, with Rachel’s head hitting the hard carpet. Rachel then grab a stick to stab Athena, but Athena block it and said “Girl you crazy!”. Athena fought Rachel off and grabbed a chair and attempt a DDT on the chair, but Summerlyn countered to the Best of Both Worlds on the chair. After seconds of recuperation, the head back to the ring for some back and forth, then busted a devastating Super Brainbuster from the top rope. Both ladies giving it their all. Athena then throws Rachel out of the ring, but then Rachel fights back, and from out of nowhere, another Gory Bomb on the hard carpet floor! Rachel rolls backwards and applies the Texas Cloverleaf, and forces the Goddess to give it up.

Winner via submission, and the 2011 ACW American Joshi Queen of Queens – Rachel Summerlyn!

After the match, Jessica James came out and hugged all over Rachel in celebration, as Ms.ACW has accomplished her goal and became the 2011 ACW Queen of Queens Champion. Rachel had an emotional promo after the match (I almost shed a tear, myself), pretty much thanking everybody for her support, Jessica for being an EGG-celent tag partner, Daffney for being a good mentor, and to all the ACW fans who supported her from day one. With this moment, and a hug from Rachel Summerlyn, the 2011 American Joshi Queen of Queens is a rap.

Final Thoughts: Just like the previous two tournaments, this year’s was no different. This will go down as one of my favorite shows of the year. Just the storyline, the wrestling, the excitement, and the emotion only are why people need to not only check this DVD out, but to come to Texas to check out this amazing art of the sport in Anarchy Championship Wrestling. Believe me, there are people that came from another state and/or country just to see this one show, and it’s an honor for ACW to get some international support. Yes, there where no Sara Del Rey, Daizee Haze, MsChif at this years show, but ACW proves that you don’t have to rely on big names to get a product over. This year’s tourney was all about the younger girls, and man, did they represent tonight. Every participant showed out what they are capable of (except for Lillie Mae, who didn’t get to compete. Blame Portia for that.) Angel Blue was an acceptable replacement to bow down for the Goddess. Mia Yim was no slore at this show. Christina Von Eerie’s uniqueness will get her places, and she feels right at home at ACW. Serena is incredible! Such a sweet, humble person in real life, but when she wrestles, she wrestles like the best. I told this to her that since leaving WWE, she has had one of the best careers in wrestling. I was an horror seeing Daffney again. She’s in my prayers for that things will go well with her law suit. Portia’s character, as mentioned earlier, has evolved into a more cunning, creepy, spiteful, vindictive individual. And that’s what’s missing in a heel, now a days. But karma bit Portia in the ass and, as R-Truth says it, she got got by Robert Evans. Lady Poison made the Joshis, and Daffney, proud but shutting up JT Lamotta.

And lastly, my MVPs for the tournament. First off, Athena…Athena…Athena…two words – “Team Athena!”…and I thank you. But all seriousness, Athena continues to dominate wherever she goes. She took out some men at the last show, made great impressions at SHIMMER and WSU, and now solidifies herself as one of the top up-and-coming stars to date. Next is Amanda Fox. My god, this girl can go! She’s under 2 years in the business and she’s 19 years old, and she delivered the best match of that entire show, with Serena. Amanda is, to me and others, the female Bryan Danielson, because she’s a great technician in the ring and her appeal is Danielson inspired, as well. She, this year, is what Athena had last year, as far as being unknown to the fans and once buying the Queen of Queens DVD, people start taking more notice of talent. Athena hanged with a top tier MsChif last year, and this year Amanda hanged with top tier Serena Deeb. Now people will take notice of “Five Star” Amanda Fox. And finally, this year’s Queen of Queens, Rachel Summerlyn. Out of all the Joshis in ACW, no one has grown more then the first lady of ACW, herself. To debut in deathmatches, to wrestle the first women’s match in ACW, to taking such harsh criticism in first SHIMMER impression, Rachel has grown into one of the most fun, caring, and rough-n-tough women in the art of wrestling. Despite all the punishment she goes through, she still lives happy a la Hiroyo Matsumoto. This was her third Queen of Queens Tournament, and after 3 attempts, she’s finally claim her throne. Her emotional speech at the end was just amazing, and it showed that it was a hard road for Mrs. Summerlyn to get that trophy, as she is in the best shape of her life, and more agile than before. Her charisma, personality, stamina, and toughness will get her far in the business. And for that, I congratulate my fellow Texan Rachel Summerlyn on becoming the 2011 ACW American Joshi Queen of Queens! You deserve it, girl. [/notice]

Check out pictures below:

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