Saturday, December 9, 2023

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Detailed Superstars & SmackDown Spoilers for This Week

Super detailed spoilers for Superstars and SmackDown below, courtesy of Diva Dirt reader Javious McKenzie.

The Superstars match was your average Lay-Cool vs Blondetourage. Tiffany took most of the beating until Kelly got the hot tag and hit her two jumping clotheslines, facebuster, Lou Thesz into head smash. She had Layla beat with a roll up, I don’t know what happened but Michelle gave her a big boot to the face for Layla can take the win. Somewhere during that time a spot was missed or the ref screwed up. It was an awkward finish. To make matters worse, the ATL crowd could not tell Tiffany from Kelly. They were calling Tiffany, ‘Kelly Kelly‘. But what made my mouth drop was the face reaction Layla got. I know it will be edited out or ignored but the “Lets go Layla” chants during the match made me think of when Mickie and Trish went at it and the crowd was split, that’s how it was and the fans also have a new chant; after Lay-Cool does something they will say, “Thats cool… no it’s LAY-COOL.” Very funny made me ponder a face turn for Lay-Cool.

The Serena segment came off boring and unconvincing… seems like they are going for a jealousy angle between Punk and Gallows over Serena. The crowd booed, “This is boring” then “We want wrestling” followed by a loud TNA chant. Poor Serena. The fans in ATL chewed her out soon as she came out from calling her a ‘tranny’ to ‘dyke’ and to ‘go grow some hair’. I felt like I was at an old ECW taping. I also wonder if it’s just ATL or does this happen to Serena all the time? I got into it with some guys on my row for being so rude towards her even though they paid and asked how they’d feel, they responded “Dude, she is not even a wrestler” which made me really go off. It’s sad that the casual fan who does not follow indys or women wrestling outside of WWE thinks she is just a bald chick from the crowd.

The promo shows Kelly wearing her favorite white shorts and brown heels with a cheetah print top talking about facing Layla for the Women’s Title. Layla interrupts, wearing a red top with zipper and short black skirt spraying perfume, and tells her the only way you would be able to beat me for my title is by killing me with that god awful smell. Kelly, shockingly, pulls a Beth and grabs Layla by the throat and shakes her around kinda like Beth did to Melina backstage until Michelle runs in beats the hell out of Kelly. Layla gets in a kick before the refs and tiffany comes to her aid. Kelly really looked strong and like she has had enough in that promo. I guess she is making the most out of these 15 minutes.

And also they showed Rosa doing jumping jacks backstage before the Serena promo. She had a run in with Punk and Gallows.

Before I end… Jamie Keyess looked AMAZING in person just by ring announcing she has that same presence Torrie or Trish would have. When she is ready to be used on the big show, I see her doing big things.

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