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Detailed WWE Superstars Spoilers: October 6th, 2011 (Plus Picture)

Detailed spoilers from this week’s WWE Superstars taping from Diva Dirt’s Cryssi.

Read below:

Tamina dominates early on, battering AJ and trying to stretch her out with a couple of unique variations of the camel clutch. Sadly, the crowd isn’t very into it but AJ does attempt to fight back. Eventually she gets to her feet but Tamina takes her back down, kicks her around and goes for a cover. Two count.

Tamina maintains her control and finally the crowd gets behinds AJ. She starts fighting back but it’s short lived. Tamina goes to the top for a splash but AJ moves out of the way and finally gets her chance. She lays Tamina out with a nifty little move and gets a huge win.


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