Friday, April 19, 2024

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Did Angelina & Velvet Take Shots at Lay-Cool? You Decide!

We’ll let you be the judge, but it seems as though the newly reformed Beautiful People, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky had some choice words on last night’s episode of TNA Reaction, the new behind-the-scenes ‘docu-drama’ which follows Impact.

“We created a group that has been like no other for women in professional wrestling. People have tried to be like this. People have tried to join us,” says Angelina.

A more feisty Velvet, chimed in saying: “For all you wannabe Beautiful People girls out there… and you know EXACTLY who I’m talking about… get a life. You will never be us.”

Meanwhile, Angelina adds: “You’re not cool, by the way.”

‘Cool’? Interesting choice of words…

So, were the original Beautiful People targeting WWE’s Lay-Cool, Layla and Michelle? Vote below:

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