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Ayesha Raymond talks about MYC and her goals

The team at Diva-Dirt were recently able to get a written interview with the sole UK competitor part of this year’s WWE Mae Young Classic, Ayesha Raymond. We discuss with her many topics, including her start in the wrestling business, her time in promotions such as Pro-Wrestling EVE and STARDOM, and how her whole time in the Mae Young classic came about.

Hello there Miss Ayesha Raymond, it’s an honour for you to take the time to speak with us at Diva-Dirt. For who readers who have been living under a rock and who don’t know of you, could you please introduce yourself to them and tell us a little bit about yourself and where you may be more recognised from?

HI….My name is Ayesha Raymond you may remember me from amazing moments like Monster-Gun concurring STARDOM to become the Artist of STRADOM Trios champions, first bodybuilder to compete in the Miss Essex Finals, various trips around Europe and Japan and let’s not forget being the first and ONLY English competitor in the inaugural WWE Mae Young Classic.

Now lets go all the way back to when you first started in the wrestling business. Could you tell us where you got your training from and how you find your time moving up from trainee to competing in your first few matches?

It’s been a long road I first began training with Justin Richards in London and then continued my training with the like of Robbie Brookside and Frank Chic Cullen under the guidance of Jam O’Malley and Michael Chase (Reckless Intent wrestling). From day one I was always taught you never stop leaning even when you’ve been to the mountain top.

Were there any struggles you faced during your entire career (beginning or currently) and how you overcame them?

I was always the big girl who had to play with the boys; even now there aren’t that many girls that are the same size as me I am one of the biggest which means most of the time I was with the guys. This helped me prove I can stand toe to toe with them and if not better.

How before you’re biggest career break, which we will get to in a bit, you have had success in promotions like Pro-Wrestling EVE and Stardom. Mind tell us about your experiences with them and how they made you a better performer?

Pro-Wrestling EVE was one of the first all-female company I was able to work in I believe it helped me put all my work into practice with the other girls on the circuit. STARDOM… what is stated. STARDOM allowed me to perform on a worldwide recognised stage and forerfil my ever MARKY JERICHO dream of working in Japan. Stardom allowed me to learn the joshi style of wrestling taught me about the lifestyle of wrestling….where wrestling and joshi is life.

Now comes the mention that I’m sure everyone has been waiting to hear about… the WWE Mae Young Classic. A large number of people seemed surprised to see your name as one of those who appeared in the high-calibre line up. Could you possibly go into detail about how this came to be?

A large number… no one ever thought I’d be amongst the so called top names… today’s popularity is now based on social media likes and dislike, retweets and posts and the only reason anyone was surprise is because of my lack of social media presence.

Bearing that in mind, I have been apart of some of the most influential moments British and European female wrestling and the fact that I was undermined by a lot of the fans angered me. The people who were happy or believed that I would be one of the honoured chosen ones I thank wholeheartedly and this came about by nothing but hard work.

I was amongst the chosen; at the first ever Glasgow WWE tryouts in the Hydro and was able to stand out that much that I became the ONLY English competitor in the MAE Young Classic…say no more! I was nothing but the #deadliftdiva and I always impress.

Now sadly, you only lasted the first round, losing to semi-finalist Toni Storm. Despite the loss, did you enjoy your time working with Toni Storm and the WWE? And what did you take from this whole experience?

From the experience I took a lot it was a dream come true and trust me it wont be the last ;)

How has your career been since your appearance in the Mae Young Classic? Any noteworthy promotions you competed in and your time in those places?

Now that I have proven to the world of social media that I exist, alot more people have taken notice I am the #deadliftdiva, I do #livetobedifferant I am one in million and I am a STAR!!

Lastly, we know we have already asked so much. What do you hope to accomplish in 2018? Any promotion/countries you never competed in but want to? Any championship aspirations? What is next for ‘The Amazon’ Ayesha Raymond?

In 2018 I will show the world what it really means to be a #deadliftiva and what
#livetobedifferant truly means just watch this space!!!

  • World War wrestling (women’s champion)
  • Reckless Intent Wrestling, Scotland
  • World Wrestling Revolution
  • IPW:UK/Fight Nation
  • Ultimate Pro Wrestling
  • Big League Wrestling
  • Wrestle Force
  • Discovery Wrestling, Scotland
  • Shields Pro Wrestling Shield, Newcastle (women’s champion)
  • GWF Germany Wrestling Federation, Germany

And many more during the end of year and beyond!!

It goes without saying, thank you so much Miss Raymond for taking the time to speak with us here at Diva-Dirt. If you could link any social media you have for our readers to follow up on you, that would be great. We hope all the success you go for comes your way!

Facebook: @amazonayesharaymond
Instagram: @amazonayesharaymond
Twitter: @amazonayesharay

You can check out my official website when it opens in 2018:

Again, we all thank Ayesha for taking the time to speak with us. But what did you all think? Did you like to learn this little bit extra about The Amazon? Do you see big things in store for her? Whatever your opinions, as always, let us know in the comments below!

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