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Diva Couture: Get AJ Lee’s New “Bad Girl” Look


It’s nice to see AJ Lee out of that Stephanie McMahon costume and back into clothes she seems much more comfortable in. Don’t get me wrong, AJ rocked that pant suit well, but the no-Converse thing was really starting to irk me. I’ve gotta say that AJ is looking great in her new role as Dolph Ziggler’s manager. Okay, so maybe I’m most happy with AJ’s new look because it means seeing a whole lot more of Dolph.

AJ’s look has changed a little since her heel turn. She’s incorporated a lot more skulls and cross bones into her wardrobe and seems to be wearing a lot more black when she’s not wearing that hideous Ziggler T-Shirt. On a related note, never wear a WWE T-Shirt in public if you have any intention of looking fashionable.. But that’s another rant.

While I love AJ’s new look, it may not always be the most appropriate to wear in public. Let’s face it, though, AJ is a popular character and her fans will inevitably want to emulate her look. I’ve gathered some pieces you can buy for your collection to show off an AJ-like style.

Want to duplicate AJ’s new style? Click through the pages below to find out how.

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