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Diva Couture: Get AJ Lee’s Professional Punk Look!

Diva Dirt TV’s Jake Verterano launches his new fashion-focused column here at Diva Dirt, Diva Couture.

Hello, Diva Dirt readers! Welcome to the very first edition of Diva Couture. I’m not sure if any of you are aware but I also write for a fashion website in addition to doing work over here at Diva Dirt. Now, when I say writing for a fashion website I mean basically talking about clothing you should never be seen in public wearing or giving some great fashion advice for men. Sadly, much of my sex has no idea what constitutes a nice outfit.

I’ve decided to take my fashion advice over to my favorite place, Diva Dirt. Each week I’ll be bringing you a different type of piece here at Diva Couture. Maybe I’ll review some of the best outfits of all time — and the worst, talk about clothing that should only be worn in wrestling, highlight some of the inspirations behind your favorite Diva outfits or give suggestions on what should be worn for upcoming events. This week, however, I’ll be telling you where you can get the look.

There’s no Diva hotter in the WWE right now than AJ Lee. Her storyline with Daniel Bryan and CM Punk has got the wrestling world buzzing about her. She even appeared in the commercial advertising Raw’s new timeslot (when’s the last time a Diva was even marketed by WWE?!?!?).

A.J is known for her punky and fun style but now she’s donning a new look: Professional.

My first thought when I saw the pint sized General Manager coming out in a boring black suit last week was YUCK! That is not AJ’s personality at all. The crazy AJ we all know and love would never come out in her best Stephanie McMahon costume. This has to go. Last week, AJ looked much better wearing an all white suit. I’m hoping she really works in some of the quirky things that make AJ look great. At the moment, she looks so uncomfortable in the clothes. It’s almost like she’s a college student going on her first job interview. The white suit definitely helped her show some style though.

I wouldn’t be opposed to AJ showing even more style. Don’t ever mask your true style at work. You won’t enjoy the day. She loves the punky clothing, and so do I. If you want to be professional but still maintain a little bit of punk rock to your wardrobe, here are my suggestions.

* Women’s suits can run a bit pricey. I wouldn’t recommend investing an expensive suit if you can’t afford it. A much simpler approach is to mix and match a blazer with a nice fitting pair of pants.

* Hit up your local Forever 21. The clothes are quality made and extremely inexpensive. For the blazer, I’d go with this Satin Collar Blazer. It comes in white and turquoise. Not only will you be able to wear it for your professional look, but it’d serve as a great piece or the perfect addition to any small outfit coming up.

* Try a tank top underneath. I think you should go with a black, white, gray or if you’re feeling brave, HOT PINK. Hot pink is one of the essential punk colors, especially for the ladies. If you want to make a big impression, get an eye popping hot pink tank top to wear underneath your blazer. It’s still professional but really eye catching.

* You’ve got to have a nice pair of pants to wear with your blazer. I don’t think doing white on white is the right choice here. You never know what you could spill on yourself. You don’t want to be walking around the whole day with a giant blotch of red salsa on your crotch. People won’t be so forgiving and think it’s salsa. Go with black. It’s safer and will look great with the top selections I gave you.

* Now come the accessories. AJ loves her fun bracelets. I would go with this assortment from Hot Topic. It’s got blacks, silvers, glitter, and even the hot pink I mentioned earlier in this post. A little sparkle with these will definitely put a little spring… or skip in your step.

* For shoes you could either go with a pair of black flats or Converse. (Side note: Am I the only one furious that AJ hasn’t worked Converse into her new appearance yet?!)

* A small pair of black stud earrings and black or hot pink nail polish should complete your “professional” AJ look.

Now that you’ve got the look, get out there and go make out with a bunch of men, propose to a few of them and threaten to jump through a table if they don’t pay attention to you. Actually, that last part is horrible advice… but make out with a few if you want.

If you take my fashion advice, be sure to let us know how you got on in the comments or tweet a picture to us at @divadirt!

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