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Diva Couture: Pretty in Pink

Anyone who has been watching WWE over the past month has noticed their powerful campaign on breast cancer awareness. There’s pink ropes, lighting, ribbons…even John Cena’s gear is pink! Pink is taking the WWE by storm.

As someone who has lost a parent to cancer, it really makes me happy to see WWE working so hard and taking this project seriously. Layla‘s emotional video on the most recent episode of RAW really hit home and put me in tears. I wish WWE would do more beautiful campaigns such as this. We’ll see.

One of my favorite things about this campaign besides the wonderful organization WWE is working with (Susan G. Komen for the Cure) is the array of pink! I love when my Divas wear pink…and maybe love when Dolph Ziggler wears it too but that’s besides the point. Let’s take a look at some of the best pink attires in WWE history.


Natalya (2012) – How could I write a piece about the best pink outfits of Divas without mentioning Natalya? The Queen of Harts is the Queen of Pink! Nattie is smart when she’s picking out her attires. She’s built much different than the traditional Diva…and in a good way. She always finds something to compliment her strong frame but still show off her obvious love for fashion. Any of Natalya’ s current attires get my vote.

Dawn Marie (2002) – This was one of Dawn Marie’s first outfits in the WWE. Actually, I believe she debuted in front of a crowd in this if I remember correctly. Everything about this outfit was a yes. She looked hot, it fit her great and it definitely showed off her best assets….I think that’s what she was going for. Right?

Victoria (2005) – I don’t think I’m the only person who had a mini heart attack when Victoria turned heel in 2005. I had been waiting forever to see this happen. I even set the background on my cell phone to a clip of her giving Christy the Widow’s Peak (okay, it was my first phone with video. I thought I was cool.) When Victoria started wearing those long straight extensions I loved her even more…especially when she started wearing this little number to the ring. Victoria always knew how to find an attire that complemented her body, hell, she still does today as Tara! This is definitely one of my favorite pink attires.

Trish Stratus (Return to RAW – 2008) – While the beautiful Canadian has certainly worn some other memorable pink outfits, this is by far one of her best. Sure, the outfit is mainly black but the accents of pink are what make this stand out. It’s not a bright pink, but a more subtle subdued pink showing that the blond bombshell has matured post WWE. Stratus wore this outfit when she returned as John Cena’s mystery tag team partner on the Christmas edition of RAW in 2008. Merry Trish-Mas!

Chyna (Wrestlemania 17) – I don’t know what it was about Chyna, but something was just so bad ass about her as a young boy. She was the only woman out there kicking guy’s asses. Usually she could be found in assless chaps or some leather and chain bra…but at Wrestlemania 17 a new feminine version of Chyna debuted. The gorgeous Diva came out wearing an glamorous amazon type outfit. That’s right, Chyna was the original Glamazon. A headband completed her look that sat underneath her giant hair do. When the action figure of her in this outfit came out I swear I bought about 12. Chyna at Wrestlemania 17 is definitely one of the best pink moments for Divas.

Those are my picks for the most stylish pink ladies of the WWE, what did you think? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!

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