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Diva Couture: Trick or Treat Hits and Misses

Another Halloween has come and gone. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed with the lack of costumes on RAW. I secretly was hoping to see a battle royal and all of the divas in their most “creative” Halloween costumes. Instead I saw the final match of one of my all time favorite Divas. I guess that was quite a treat.

Originally I was planning on reviewing the costumes of the Divas in the battle royal I was almost sure would happen. Since that wasn’t the case, I’ve decided to look at some of the hits…and misses of Diva Halloween costumes.

Trish Stratus (Wonder Woman) – 2005: I love superhero themed costumes and when Trish came out in this Wonder Woman outfit I loved superheroes even more. I could not think of a more appropriate costume for Trish at this point in her career. She was at the top of the women’s division and was champion for nearly a year. She looked stunning in the costume and it was our first glimpse at Trish with dark hair, a regular feature on the 7x Women’s Champ these days.


Kaitlyn (Dog the Bounty Hunter) – 2011: Uh….okay. I wasn’t surprised when Kaitlyn showed up on RAW last year in a funny costume. Her Vickie Guerrero outfit from 2010 had me in stitches. This however…had me wondering what the hell she was supposed to be. It wasn’t until the commentators actually said her costume that I actually got it. First off, is that show even still on? If you’re going to have a pop culture costume make sure it’s still relevant. Also, I seriously thought she was Kevin Nash or The Disciple or something like that. A nice efffort, Kaitlyn…but it could have been a lot better.


Victoria (Banana) – 2008:Victoria (Tara) is probably one of the funniest Divas to ever enter a wrestling ring. She always brings a smile to people’s faces. I’ll never forget Cyber Sunday during the Divas Halloween costume contest. While all of the other Divas were entering the ring in their outfits by showing some skin, Victoria comes dancing out shaking her arms. It looked so out of place. So bizarre. So…PERFECT. I’m still bitter she didn’t win that contest.


Ashley Massaro (Dark Angel) – 2005: This was probably the most awkward outfit I’ve ever seen anyone in wrestling wear. Ashley awkwardly walked out in this outfit in 2005 for a Divas Costume Contest. The wings slowed her down even more than her usual in-ring pace. The outfit really just looked like she bought the entire Hot Topic Halloween section and threw it on…besides her elastic band panties. There’s a fine line between sexy and trashy…and I’m sorry Ashley, but this crossed it.


AJ Lee (Kitana) – 2011: MORTAL KOMBAT! As a secret nerd, I loved this outfit. When A.J. whipped out her fans in the middle of last year’s battle royal and tired to use them, I loved it even more.

Those are just a few of my favorite…and least favorite Diva Halloween costumes. What are yours? Share in the comments below!

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