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Diva Dirt’s No Surrender Tip Sheet

Tonight, TNA’s Knockouts take to pay per view. Awesome Kong and ODB wrestle in a battle of the behemoths, in a Falls Count Anywhere match! Plus the TNA Knockout Championship is on the line between Taylor Wilde and Angelina Love of the Beautiful People. Who do we think will win? Read below!

TNA Knockout Championship: Taylor Wilde (c) vs Angelina Love
Erin: Taylor may have won the Knockout Championship rather quickly, but she hasn’t exactly been TNA’s golden girl. With Velvet Sky & Kip at her side, I can definitely see Angelina Love coming out on top. It may seem predictable to think that the girl with her buddies at ringside will win, but I just have a feeling that TNA wants to push a more interesting Champion, and I think Angelina is just that. Maybe some tension between Velvet and Angelina would be bred from that, and TNA would be wise to explore that more intriguing route. Taylor isn’t invincible by far, and I don’t doubt that TNA would take the belt off of her.
Melanie: I predict Love will “lock it down” (okay I love Kanye’s song too much, what can I say). I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I think Angelina is the diamond in the rough of this division and can be a future multiple time champion. TNA has prepared the Beautiful People for so long, it’s time to finally give them the rub. The Beautiful People sharing the Knockout Championship is A) just what the division needs, a fresh champion and these two are fantastic characters and B) I think Angelina and Velvet sharing the title could be a fun, different storyline.

Falls Count Anywhere: Awesome Kong vs ODB
Erin: Kong is so dominant that it seems almost too predictable that she would win. I’m going with ODB on this one – the way to make this feud/match different is to make Kong a little more vulnerable, and how would that be achieved by her winning? ODB is the underdog, and if she uses the tricks she’s employed to knock Kong off her feet these past few weeks, I can definitely see her defeating Kong. It just seems the most logical way to go – if Kong wins, what’s the point of the feud? It would just be another win under Kong’s column, and I don’t see any excitement in that. Besides, if ODB were to win, that would ensure that the match would be extremely exciting – what on Earth would she have to do to pin Kong? I’d love to see it. It’s David vs. Goliath-esque, and we all know who won that bout…
Melanie: I fear this will be just another squash match for Kong. I definitely see her winning but I think this could be a great, great match. The action would be fun and hardcore but at the end of the day, Kong will win as always. One would hope they’d finally let someone get one over on her and ODB’s just the person to do it, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

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