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Diva Dirt’s SummerSlam Tip Sheet

It’s time for the biggest party of the summer tonight! And for the first time in nearly a decade, the Women’s Championship is on the line as champion Mickie James teams up with Intercontinental Champion, Kofi Kingston to take on Beth Phoenix and Santino with both titles on the line! Check out predictions below!

Erin: Since it seems like Santino & Beth have the upper hand, I can’t help but think Mickie & Kofi are going to win this one. There hasn’t been that long of a buildup, and I can’t see Mickie dropping the title that quickly after feuding with Katie for much longer and managing to hold on to the title. As for Kofi dropping his title, I don’t see that being that huge of a deal. He’s destined to be a pretty big star, so losing the belt, and instead chasing the heelish Santino could build his profile a bit more. But still, I can’t see it happening this early. I know they didn’t allow themselves that much time for buildup, but it still seems like it would be a rushed job to turn over both titles like that. Plus, if Santino and Beth were to lose, it would only add to their dysfunctional relationship. Let them still be sort of at odds with each other, and let that pairing grow before crowning them both champions. I’m definitely envisioning the two faces being triumphant – this is the 2nd biggest PPV of the year so far, so I wouldn’t put it past the WWE to stick more of a feel-good ending on it.

Melanie: I think this is the opportune time to cash in on the progress Santino and Beth have been making as characters and give them the titles. As champions, they will fun and exciting and I fully expect them to get the win tonight. There’s been a lot of speculation that Beth will take the IC title and Santino the Women’s Championship, if so, I think this could be fun! However, if they book this more seriously and have Beth as Women’s Champion – that certainly leads to the return of Candice Michelle with whom Beth has some unresolved issues. Either way, I expect a fun comedic match but with great in-ring work. Let’s not forget, this is an intergender match and both Beth and Mickie are fine wrestlers, I’d certainly love to see Beth and Kofi lock it up or even Santino and Mickie. Beth and Santino get the win, but who’ll carry which title remains to be seen.

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