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ECW Evaluation: Tiffany as New Interim GM

So Tiffany has debuted as the new interim GM of ECW. Check it out below:

Now these big business types need evaluations right? So allow me to oblige:

Presentation: Decent, if a little frumpy. On her first night as GM, Tiffany went for the conservative suit but there’s nothing wrong with sexing up your image, if you’re a hot young executive. A day dress, maybe a loose fitting top or tight pants would have worked better (see Rosa Mendes‘ outfit from Monday’s Raw).

Authority: Average. It didn’t take long for the ECW Champion, Jack Swagger to undermine the doe-eyed Diva (New catchphrase alert! Copyright, Melanie). Vickie Guerrero certainly wouldn’t stand for that!

Crowd Control: Average. Hijacking the music of a beloved former Diva sets you back a little bit. ECW isn’t the WWE A-show but has some great Superstars (Christian, Evan Bourne and Tyson Kidd to name a few), give the people what they want and they won’t turn on you.

Communicative Skills: Pretty darn bad. She may look like comedy actress, Kaley Cuoco but she certainly hasn’t got any of the wit or charm. Monotonous, bland and boring come to mind when evaluating her microphone skills.

Overall: Slightly average. She’s no Vickie Guerrero, she’s no Torrie Wilson and she’s no Kaley Cuoco. Tiffany’s got a lot working against her, but could grow into her new role. I don’t wanna be too harsh, because she reminds me of Bambi, also doe-eyed.

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