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Emma And Dana Brooke Respond To WWE Releases

Both Emma and Dana Brooke were two of the women that were released by WWE on Sept. 21. Emma was freshly back for not even a year with the company while had a decade long run with the company.

In Emma’s she stated –

“Thank you for all the lovely messages and comments, I see you all and your support never goes unnoticed! ??

While I wasn’t expecting a call yesterday, it’s also fair to say that I wasn’t shocked. When I returned to WWE I was so excited, I was ready to work my a** of and do all the things I didn’t get to do first time around. But it became apparent pretty quickly that this wasn’t my time. And that’s ok!

Would I have loved to wrestle a stadium show in my home country, you bet. But now many doorways and opportunities have opened up and that’s exciting.

I feel very fortunate today.

I met my soon to be husband in WWE. I’m so grateful for that and the beautiful life we have been building.

I get to spend more time with family and friends and can really focus on the important things in my life ??

And you bet I’m going to be traveling as much as possible ? I can’t wait to see more of the world, and take you all on more adventures with us soon – In more ways than one! Stay tuned ?

Dana Brooke posted the following below. She states this isn’t the end and her fairytale will continue.

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