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Eva Marie Talks Training With Brian Kendrick

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By now, fans have seen plenty of evidence that Eva Marie‘s hard at work training to reinvent herself in the WWE ring, all with the help of former WWE Tag Team Champion Brian Kendrick. has posted an interview with the two to discuss Eva’s training and progression in the ring.

In the interview, Eva explains how she wound up working with Kendrick:

“I’ve been out for six months because I had to get surgery. That bummed me out, because I really wanted to perfect my craft. When I come back, I really want to show the WWE Universe how much Eva Marie wants to be here. So, I reached out to Triple H and Mr. McMahon and said I would love the opportunity to just train, so that I could learn the craft. Hunter put me in contact with Brian Kendrick, which is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Eva shared her unique approach to training, comparing it to learning how to dance:

“It depends on what we’re learning that day. My first day was a lot of rolls, the basics, to get me back in the swing of things, since I hadn’t stepped in the ring for six months. From there, Brian has everything set up strategically. We’ll go over holds, or now, I’ll learn strikes. Each day is different. Now that I’m further along, I’m starting to learn how to put a little bit of spice on things, figuring out what I want as a signature and a finisher. He’s taught me a lot of the basics, so now it’s time to figure out the special moves I want to bring to the WWE Universe. It’s like learning dance moves, but now I need to learn how to dance. The next phase of training is going to be putting everything together.”

She also revealed her ultimate goal, setting her sights on the Divas Title:

“I’m going after the Divas Title for sure. There needs to be a little change in the Divas Division. I’ll add some red spice to it for sure.”

You can read the full interview on

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