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Exclusive: New details on Netflix’s upcoming women’s wrestling series GLOW

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Diva Dirt recently sat down with a reliable source close to the development team behind Netflix’s new women’s wrestling series titled GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) to find out a little more about the program that we’re all so excited about.

GLOW tells the tale of a struggling actress in the 1980s that lands a role on a women’s wrestling product. Here she struggles through the many highs and lows of the (not so) glamorous world of wrestling. The show is “loosely based” on the real-life wrestling brand of the same name.

Something that has enticed many fans is the fact that the creator of Orange Is The New BlackJenji Kohan, is also working on this project. The hit Netflix series has gripped the hearts of many with its exploration of different backgrounds (i.e. gender, ethnicity, economy etc.) and, fortunately for fans of the prison series, GLOW “has been pitched in a very similar light”, and the “producers and writers are very interested in exploring the [aforementioned] themes”.

The show’s genre has also been described as a “scripted dramady” – very similar to “Orange Is The New Black, [but] with women’s wrestling replacing prison life as the vehicle.”

As many women’s wrestling fans have also been wondering, we can confirm that the show “is casting actresses and wrestlers” to play some of the show’s biggest roles. Though no specific names have been announced, the directors are currently working on “the casting for Matilda The Hun and Mountain Fiji.”

It seems that after all of this, us women’s wrestling fans have a lot to be excited about over the next year, especially as Netflix recently ordered ten episodes of GLOW to be produced following news of the pilot’s creation.

Are you excited for GLOW? Which actresses or wrestlers would you like to see cast?

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