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Krissy Vaine answers your questions and discusses training with Natalya

Diva Dirt is delighted to bring to you the first media appearance from Krissy Vaine since she has announced her comeback to professional wrestling!!

For those that you who may not be familiar, Vaine was a prior Diva Dirt contributor in the early years of the website. So as a result, we thank her for taking the time to speak with Gerry Strauss on this episode of The Curtain Call.

Vaine continues to share her past and her short run on the main roster of WWE. She discusses struggles from depression and anxiety at that time which she has always been open about. Along with her own struggles, she was experiencing family health issues that prompted her to not wanting to be on the road.

She discusses how she could have possibly handled these circumstances differently at that time.

“I left WWE after I debuted on SmackDown. I was on TV maybe two weeks. It was really bad timing in my life. I’ve been pretty honest if you guys go back and look at anything I have ever done on Diva Dirt about struggling with depression and anxiety. In the past, my depression and anxiety has gotten the best of me. Plus I was also dealing with some family health issues and I was scared to be away from home and scared to be on the road.

I didn’t have the coping skills I needed because I was a young kid. So I just kind of quit instead of just asking for some time off or you know whatever I should have done at the time.”

From here, she continues to talk about her work in the indies and up until about 2011 she was actively wrestling. She mentions that recently she has been heading to Largo, Fla. (just north of where she lives) for some training along with her husband who is WWE Superstar Konnor.

Just as we always do here at Diva Dirt, we attempt to gather as many questions from you the readers. One stand out question was one that many people would like to know the answer to. That question is where was Vaine’s storyline heading with Torrie Wilson.

Credit: WWE

As previously mentioned, she debuted on SmackDown and was on television for about two weeks. She debuted by attacking now Hall of Famer, Torrie Wilson. This was after Wilson was defeated in a match against Victoria. So where was that attack heading?

“I think that it kind of was what everyone thinks it was. It was going to be a Divas Title run and I think it was supposed to be me coming in as maybe the jealous little sister. I don’t really know I wasn’t really exactly told, I’ve only heard things since I left. I think I pretty much heard the same thing as everybody else had that it was going to be a jealous little sister type thing and we were going to feud for the title.”

From here, discussions on developmental were had. Vaine mentions about wrestling with The Bella Twins and Natalya. The conversation became interesting once canned vegetables were brought into the exchange.

“But then when we opened up FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling-prior to NXT) it was a canned good warehouse. When we first went in there it was myself and the twins (the Bellas), and Nattie. When we first went into the FCW building here in Tampa, yes 120 degrees in the building because we all know how hot it is in Florida, and we were surrounded by cans of green beans and corn.

Nattie and I had, I’ll never forget it, we had an hour-long broadway in that heat, in that building. She actually got me through about the last 20 to 30 minutes of the match because I was just spent, like done. Then it’s funny because her very first match at Deep South I was the more experienced one at that point. I led her through her very first match at Deep South, but by the time we came to FCW she had taken off and she got me through that hour long broadway. In that 120 degrees heat with cans of green beans and corn surrounding us.”


Vaine answers several other inquiries including who she would like to get in the ring with. She stated back when she was with WWE she would have loved to continue with Torrie Wilson and tangled with Victoria.

As far as women today as she is coming back into the wrestling ring she would like to take on Madison Rayne and Angelina Love (one of her best friends).

You can listen to the full audio of this episode of The Curtain Call shown below by clicking on the play button. Listen to Vaine discuss how being a mother and having a family is more accepted in wrestling nowadays.

She cites The Bellas, Miz and Maryse, Mickie James, Maria Kanellis, and Angelina Love as just a few that have made this business more family oriented. She speaks highly in regards to the pressure being off of her this go around and how her passion for wrestling will never die.

You can follow her on Twitter by clicking here. Her return match will be against Kris Statlander at WrestlePro on Sept. 14.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for further Exclusive interviews from The Curtain Call.

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