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Exclusive: ‘Mamachas del Ring’ Director Betty M Park Talks About the Film’s DVD Release, How the Film Came About & More

Next week sees the DVD release of Mamachas del Ring, a poignant documentary following the journey of four female wrestlers as they challenge the male-dominated industry in Bolivia. As well as their professional struggles, the documentary depicts the personal struggles of Carmen Rosa as she juggles her love of wrestling with her life as a wife and mother.

Ahead of the DVD release, we talk to the film’s director, Betty M Park, about how she discovered the mamachas, how the film came about the process of producing the film, playing it at festivals and the DVD release. Diva Dirt is proud to support this documentary and hope our visitors will too!
Listen to the interview below:

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Mamachas del Ring is out on DVD on June 21st. Click here to purchase.

For more information about the film visit the official website and follow the Twitter page.

Watch the trailer below:

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