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Exclusive: Meet ROH’s New Princess – Mia Yim

For the past several months you’ve known her as Mia Yim – independent wrestler and Diva Dirt LIVE co-host, but tonight Mia Yim becomes Princess Mia, ROH’s newest roster addition.

Ahead of her television debut on ROH on HDNet, we caught up with the Embassy’s princess to find out about her new role. Used to the fun, friendly Mia Yim of Diva Dirt LIVE, we quickly realized that Princess Mia has a whole new attitude! Read below:

Congratulations on your TV debut! Tell us a little bit about what you’ll be doing.
Mia: I will be by my prince [Nana]’s side in the Embassy. The Embassy is Prince Nana and I, our crown jewel Tommaso Ciampa, RD Evans, and Ernesto Osiris.

So how did you get recruited as the Princess?
Mia: Well, Prince Nana insisted I be his princess since I come from Korean royalty. I also have the beauty and wrestling background. I’m not just a pretty face!

You’re certainly not! You’re a pretty kick-ass princess, right?
Of course I am, I put in my share of work to make the Embassy the best and most powerful stable there is.

Tell us what it’s like working alongside Prince Nana?
Prince Nana is phenomenal. He treats me like the princess that I am, and gives me whatever I want. He really knows how to treat a fine, young lady

And you mentioned him earlier, your ‘crown jewel’, Tommaso Ciampa. What’s his deal?
He is the apple of mine and Prince Nana’s eye. He is the unstoppable machine the Embassy needs. He will destroy anything and everything in our way. He is truly something special.

More special than Ernesto? He helps you put on your shoes!
Yes he does, and he deserves more credit for his work! I must say, he is always there when needed.

What are the Embassy’s goals in ROH? Gold? Supremacy?
Ultimate power and respect. We want to be the top dog in the business, and it will happen. The new Embassy will not fail.

Fans will see you get physical in your debut tonight. Let’s just say you have quite a kick. It seems you’re not afraid to tumble with the guys?
Of course I’m not afraid. Why should I be? I can do just as much, if not more than the men.

What about the other Women of Honor? Will we be seeing you mix it up in the ring on your own?
If they get in the way of the Embassy and my Prince, then yes. I see it happening.

So everyone’s dying to know… who are your favorite princesses aside from yourself?
Aside from myself? There is no other princess better than me, so this question is irrelevant. I am my favorite!

Not even Jasmine? :(
Ill give her credit, she is beautiful and was a decent princess…but I have since stole the princess crown.

Back on track, the ROH on HDNet series is ending soon. Will we see you on on TV again?
That is unknown for now, but I am crossing my fingers for more TV appearances, not only for me, but the whole ROH.

You’ve got some big appearances coming up for ROH – you’ll be in Atlanta on April 1st and 2nd for the two Internet pay per views. Excited for your iPPV debut?
I am very excited. I cant wait for The Embassy to show more of what we have.

Diva Dirt will also be in ATL hosting a little party, might the Princess stop by?
I am a very busy princess. It really depends on if I want to devote an hour of my time to be amongst the peasants of ATL.

Watch Princess Mia’s debut tonight at 8pm ET on HDNet!

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