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Exclusive: Mr. Glamazon Reports from WrestleMania – Day 2

Diva Dirt correspondent and Beth Phoenix super fan, David aka Mr. Glamazon is on hand at this week’s WrestleMania festivities and will be checking in daily with his experiences in Phoenix. Check back everyday to find out which Divas he’s rubbed shoulders with in Phoenix — complete with exclusive pictures!

Thursday, March 25th (Day 2)

On Thursday March 25th, the WWE fan-friendly Axxess sessions started in the Phoenix Convention Center and the WWE Universe came out in full force. The event was sold out and you could tell people are really excited for this entire weekend. For those of you who haven’t seen what attractions are at Axxess check out WWE.com and they run down the list. Honestly, it is pretty impressive and can be a lot of fun as long as you don’t mind waiting in long lines. (It’s a little like Disney World, you probably need several days to do everything there).

Like I said, the event was sold out Thursday night and most people think that was because John Cena and Bret Hart were the featured guests, but I’m pretty sure it is because Beth Phoenix was scheduled to appear. Beth was the first Diva out and spent the next two hours taking pictures with several hundred people (props to anybody who can wear high heels and stand up for 2 hours while STILL smiling!) Beth was super nice to everybody and seemed to enjoy herself. I felt pretty good about meeting her again because I didn’t 1) pass out, 2) start crying, or 3) ask her to elope with me. (Honestly, the only reason I didn’t ask her to elope with me is that I heard a rumor that “married guys with 2 kids” are not Beth’s type). So it was a pretty successful night. The only downside, I was pretty woozy for the next 60 minutes and missed the chance to get Gail Kim’s pic/autograph. There are still several days to go however, and we’ll track her down at her next signing.

After Beth’s session was finished, Eve was the next Diva to take the stage. She looked beautiful and, like Beth, seemed to enjoy her interaction with the fans. I’ve got to give the girls credit; they know their responsibility to the company and carry it out well. They greet every person with a smile, pose for a nice photo, and thank them for coming. They always make special time for the handicap fans that show up and you can tell how much joy that brings the families.

After meeting Eve, my buddy and I went to the next stage where Savannah was finishing her photo session. She kind of blew us away by how breath-taking she is. Welcome to the WWE, Savannah… why don’t you stick around for a while! When getting my picture taken with her she told me: “You have nice eyes.” I’ll hang on to that one for a while. Truthfully it is a good thing Beth didn’t say that because I might have needed medical attention.

A few other Axxess news and notes: John Cena is WAY over with the fans (I know, I’m a brilliant reporter). In the ring he is super intense, but he comes across as a really funny and personable guy at special appearances like this. When he was in the ring chatting with the crowd, someone asked him to freestyle and he started rapping about his WM26 match on Sunday. Gotta admit, it was pretty cool. Bret Hart got a huge pop from the crowd when he came out and, like at the art auction, seemed to really enjoy being with the wrestling fans again. There were two live matches on Thursday: Vladimir Koslov defeating Carlito and Cryme Tyme defeating The Hart Dynasty. My buddy and I actually met a fan who is in love with Vladimir Koslov! Who knew that dude had fans? She was actually pretty cute too. Well, like my momma always said, ‘there is a lid for every pot’.

By the way, I’d like to give props to my friend Jamie who bought the WM26 program and then helped get the Divas picture sent to Melanie. Good teamwork.

Two more quick stories. We bumped into John Morrison at one point and he was very cool. This kind of made me mad because I want to hate the guy. He makes things difficult in my house, what with the perfect abs, the fancy coats, and cool sunglasses. When my wife and I watch SmackDown together it is hard for me to be her “Friday Night Delight” after JM wrestles. I like when Kane wrestles, then she looks at me and thinks: “Well, at least Dave’s eyeballs are the same color”.

Lastly, here is one final story from the art auction. As my friend and I were making our way through the buffet line, Vickie Guerrero got behind us. I walked through and forgot to grab some dinner rolls, so I turned around, reached across Vickie and said (can you guess?) – yep, “excuse me”. Well, she and I had a large laugh over it because it was so cheesy. She’s a sweetheart. Good to see her back working with her WWE family again. More tomorrow…

Pictures from Thursday’s Axxess events:

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