Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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Hey guys! It’s Mykel. I’ve been away from you all for a while, and I miss your reads, shade and comments, so I’m back! This article is a bit of a departure from the usual, no lists, just a random moment in 20 years that I’ve enjoyed the women of wrestling.

Take a look below.

Tamina fights man in bar.

A few years ago during Total Divas, Tamina and Naomi were comforting Nattie outside a bar when this man comes out, insults the ladies, and then tries to do a jumping spin thrust kick to Tamina, see what happens!

This moment made me into a huge fan of Tamina. Say what you will about her skills in the ring, but outside of it, by most accounts, she’s a sweetheart and loyal friend. She also is quick to snatch someone up. She is a legit badass. She’s a mother, friend, wrestler and all-around rad woman.

Have you seen this moment before? What did you think?

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