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FCW Recap: April 5, 2009


Finally, after a hiatus due to the events of WrestleMania 25, FCW has returned with another weekly event featuring our Divas in training. This week, we were treated to the encounter between ECW’s Alicia Fox and Raw’s Rosa Mendes. However, there was no Express News & Gossip featuring the Octo-Mom Jenny Cash; apparently she has adopted a new gimmick as the valet of a Frenchman and now wears a French Maid outfit to the ring. I’m kind of heartbroken and at a loss for words… anyway, check out the action below, featuring the Queen of FCW Angela Fong as the ring announcer.


Talk about a slobberknocker! This match was kind of slow to start off with and there were two botches I saw during the match, but looking at the bigger picture, I really enjoyed this match. Alicia Fox is really growing on me more and more every time I see her in the ring (hint hint WWE, I said in the ring not standing outside the ring doing nothing). She is really coming into her own as a wrestler and is truly unique. I also think Rosa Mendes is becoming better. Judging from this match and a few others she’s had, she’s not completely polished but she puts on a great show. As a heel, she does a great job by yelling at the fans, taunting Alicia, and screaming. With just a little more training, she probably wouldn’t botch that monkey flip that Alicia Fox tried to execute.

To top it all off, Alicia Fox also ended up getting a bloody lip! That either means Rosa messed up and really clocked Alicia in the face or these two are just getting better in the ring to where their fighting is that intense, which I love seeing.

Pretty much my only concern with this match other than the botch is the ending. I don’t quite get how Alicia lost. The axe kick she performed at the end is her finishing move, but somehow Rosa just “gets up” and two moves later, rolls Alicia up for the victory. Aside from how much I hate matches that end with a silly roll-up, isn’t the point of a finishing move to… finish the match? Granted if you’re HBK, you can kick out of a Tombstone. But to have Rosa play it off like it was just a regular little kick seems kind of bad to me.

My verdict of this match is that Alicia is ready to move on up out of the shadows in ECW and get drafted to either Raw or SmackDown. I think she’d do well on either show, so long as WWE does it right creatively. Rosa, however, could probably be better off on SmackDown to fix up the little glitches here and there. Angela still doesn’t do it for me as the ring announcer, but if the rumors are true and she is coming to Raw, then I’m not sure what will happen. Seems like the entire FCW roster is pouring out onto WWE television and I think that’s going to leave Jenny Cash and Wesley Holliday as the only ones left there full-time. Angela might not jump into the ring right off the bat, but the Divas roster will be around 19 or 20!

Overall, I loved the match and it’s great to see these two lovely Divas improving so much in the ring.

Hassan’s FCW Rating: 4 out of 5

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