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FCW Watch (December 11th, 2011): Audrey Marie vs Naomi

First off, I hope you all haven’t forgotten about FCW. It’s been a long few weeks without any Divas action, but never fear, for I believe we are set with matches for the next four weeks, and possibly more depending on how this Thursday’s TV taping goes down! On this past Sunday’s show, we witnessed a defense of the FCW Divas Championship, as reigning title holder, Audrey Marie, defends her gold… I mean, pink, against the inaugural Champ, Naomi Night! This is the first time that these two have squared off with one another on camera, but just how will it come off? Let us delve into some FCW action!

As we overhear something about all the boys in the club getting up (getting up), out pops the woman who, quite frankly should be on a main roster already, but I digress in my introduction of the one and only Naomi! Resident diva, Caylee Turner, introduces her to the ring, as she pops out in a new gold reptile like body suit. Naomi leaps into the ring and bows for the fans, as up next comes the champion, Audrey Marie. Audrey sports some new tights, as she enters the ring and climbs onto the turnbuckle to cheer on with the fans. Marie removes her championship and hands it to the ref to hold up, as the bell sounds and this match gets underway.

Both ladies circle around the ring and lock up, as Naomi takes control with a headlock takeover. Audrey flips it over into a quick roll up, before Naomi fights it back into another headlock before Marie can flip it over. Audrey with a nice armdrag, before both women get up and Naomi gives her a taste of her own medicine with a similar one. Naomi locks the headlock back in, before twisting it into a wristlock that Audrey fights out of. Naomi punches her backwards, before throwing her into the corner, only Audrey leaps over into a sweet Sunset Flip maneuver for a close call.

Naomi fights out, as Audrey sends Naomi back into the same corner, but Naomi leaps over with her unique no handed bridging roll up pin. They exchange wrist and headlocks, but Naomi sends Audrey into the ropes. She ducks under a running Audrey, before flying backwards, as Audrey does a handspring over Naomi! Naomi kips up as they exchange stairs, and Naomi slides underneath the legs. She goes for a roundhouse kick, but Audrey matrixes back! Naomi grabs onto one of her legs, before flipping Marie back over to a vertical base and leapfrogging over.

She goes for the butt bump, but Audrey stops herself before she collides. Naomi sends her back into the ropes and goes for a roll up handspring move, only Audrey moves to the side and simply stops her mid way into a nice roll up for a two. Audrey locks in a headlock and takes Naomi down for another near fall, and from there locks in a dragon sleeper onto the challenger, before reversing it into a chin lock. The crowd starts to get behind Naomi, which aids her to a verical base. They exchange momentum in an Irish Whip, but Audrey capitalizes and hits a sick knee to the stomach the flips Naomi over.

Audrey reverts back to a sleeper hold, before laying her back first and leaping up with a legdrop type maneuver to the midsection for a two count! Naomi fights back with some punches, followed up with a snapmare and kick to the back. She goes to Irish Whip Audrey, but Marie counters and goes for a snapmare of her own, only Naomi flips over and lands on two feet, before leaping up with an insanely awesome enziguiri! Both ladies struggle to two feet, but Audrey goes for a clothesline that Naomi ducks, as she then executes a dropkick to the back.

Naomi goes for a roll up, but Audrey kicks Naomi off into the ropes where she leaps back with a stiff clothesline. Once both women get up, Naomi runs forward with a spinning heel kick out of nowhere that could win her back the Championship! Cover gets just a two, as the fighting champion shows her determination. Naomi sends Audrey into the corner, but the Champ leaps onto the second rope and flies back with a crossbody, only she took a little bit too long and Naomi manages to roll through it into a pin of her own for a two count. Once they both get up, Naomi picks Audrey up and goes for a Suplex, but Audrey slides under the legs and goes for a bridge pin.

Audrey then attempts an arm drag, but Naomi flips through into another unique pin, only Audrey’s shoulder does not touch the mat. Audrey goes for a jacknife, and Naomi fights out by lifting both herself and Audrey up, and then spinning her around into a backslide attempt. Audrey spins herself out of it once again, and Naomi goes for a Suplex. This time she lifts Audrey up, but in mid air, Marie manages to flip over onto two feet and nail her finisher, “The Round Up!” She hooks the leg and gets the three count to retain her title! Audrey celebrates as she heads to the back, and I await the day Naomi debuts on TV.

Thoughts: As I’m sure this FCW Watch will show in my descriptions, Naomi and Audrey certainly used a lot of unique maneuvers and reversals that I’d never seen before. I thought they worked pretty well together overall! There were some issues with their pacing in some parts, but since this is their first match together, and it was pretty lengthy, It’s perfectly understandable to have a few kinks. The spot with Audrey’s handspring, followed with the Matrix all the way to the roll up was pretty insane, and I hope my wording doesn’t come off too confusing. All together, I enjoyed this match, and you can really see Audrey is working hard to become a better competitor in the ring. As for Naomi, CALL HER UP!

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